Friday, June 27, 2008

My nap-time snack

No I didn't eat all of them. Just thought they looked prettier in bulk. But I won't say how many I could eat in one sitting. Who am I kidding? I do eat exactly as many as I could eat, which means that I won't say how many I do eat in one sitting....(are you following?) So let's just stick to the facts. This particular Friday afternoon, I did NOT eat this entire stack of cookies. Phew.

So just in case you're craving the perfect, buttery, non-whole-wheat, non-oatmeal, non-derivative-of-the-chocolate-chip-cookie, cookie, here it is. The perfect chocolate chip cookie. Since I already have it in my computer, I figured I'd share. I call them "Kodi's Chocolate Chip Cookies" because I got it off of my sweet friend Kodi. They are perfect when fresh, but surprise surprise, me and my frozen-treat obsession, my favorite is frozen (left out to rest maybe a minute) and then dipped in milk. Yum.

Kodi's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cream Well:

1 lb. butter
2 c. brown sugar
1 ½ c. white sugar


3 eggs
2 T vanilla
Cream for 4 minutes


6 c. flour
1 ½ t. salt
1 ½ T. soda

Blend mixture slowly and thoroughly
Add: 2 c. chocolate chips (I do lots more... probably over 3 cups, but that's me, eyeball it)
Bake at 375 for 8 to 10 minutes.


Megan said...

Seriously! You and me Lillie. I love those cookies. They are my favorite too. And frozen. Mmmm! Love them, Love it, Love the blog.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

Okay I am so making these tonight. :) after all, your other chocolate chips cookies and your brownies are now the only two other desserts that I make (and make too often..)

thanks for the sharing!! :) you're so real, so wonderful. and know that i could have downed that stack of cookies, no problem. ;)

$500 at the yard sale! not counting couch, elliptical, tv, and entertainment center. sweet! :)

Missy said...

I always make your other chocolate chip cookies and since they are my favorite (cc cookies) I'm totally making these. Why don't I think to freeze things more often? It sounds like it would make the sweetness last longer.

I'm with Michelle though. That little stack? I know I eat that many without feeling guilty. Now I'm always going to have Lillie's blog post about how she would never have eaten that many in the back of my mind. Darn you.

Holly said...

They really look like the PERFECT chocolate chip cookies. Isn't it odd how food can be so beautiful. Lillie, we are more alike than we know, except for I really could and probably would eat all of those in one sitting. I have a problem with this little thing called moderation. ;)

Lillie said...

Girls-- I must not have been clear, this PARTICULAR day I didn't eat the whole stack.... in that sitting. a. There was still a lot of day left. and b. There are plenty of sittings where I eat that stack+
This was not a post ABOUT my self control. Quite the opposite.

Anonymous said...

1 lb of butter?

Chris and Roxanne said...

this is similar to a recipe of mine, but I'm gonna try this one for our upcoming trip. So help me out, should I freeze one stack per person, per day, or one stack per person per sitting?

Lillie said...

1 lb is right---yum-- it's a huge recipe-- and 2 TABLEspoons of vanilla is right--(Michelle called because that sounds like a lot.) I make them all into dough balls and freeze them, then pull them out when I want to bake some. Freeze the extra baked ones too of course. I know I'm a little too excited about cookies. Every detail matters.

Lillie said...

And Roxy? per sitting, for sure.

MnS said...

What a novel idea. I've heard of frozen store-bought cookie dough before, but it has never dawned on me to freeze my favorite homemade cookie dough for super easy homemade cookies later on. When you cook the cookies after they are frozen, do you let them thaw first or do you stick them strait into the oven? They do sound and look super yummy.

Missy said...

I don't always go back to read the comments, but this one is great! People are asking all the questions for me. Lil, do tell, do you thaw the frozen balls before you cook them?

Obviously I bought the ingredients for these this weekend. And dear Anonymous, obviously it is a big recipe if it is calling for 6 cups of flour. Don't make them out to be so fatty by looking only at the butter measurement. That's no fun.

Lillie said...

I'm so embarassed that I'm checking my comments this often, but whatever.

Shari and Missy--- If I think about it, I thaw the balls first. But if I forget, I just bake them at like 350 instead of 375 (got this from Lizzie-- my Martha Stewart.) I scoop all the dough the first night and line them all up on one cookie sheet and then freeze or refrigerate them (wherever a whole cookie sheet will fit) until they're firm enough to throw in a big ziplock to last you for the week, nightly dessert, hometeaching etc... :)

Also, I really do follow all the directions like "cream for 4 minutes". Usually I just throw everything in and blend, but I think it makes a difference.

Lillie said...

Oh and if frozen on 350, just add 2 or 3 minutes or so...

I'm just trying to rack up comments to feel popular, leave like 5 yourself, it totally does the trick.

Rachelle said...

Yeah, finally a recipe big enough to satisfy my whole crew! We could probably eat that batch, no problem. If I freeze any it's only for my own personal stash. You have to get creative. I hide me goodies in old frozen pea bags in the freezer. Nobody would ever look in there. And freezing them in small balls is a great idea, not so much to make cookies from them, but because they are bite-size, right out of the freezer. I skip the whole oven all together.

Kodi said...

Yum. Those look so good right now (haven't had them in a while...sigh.) Thanks for making me famous. Only wish I could take the credit for coming up with the recipe!