Monday, June 23, 2008

Because sometimes I need to remind myself...

It's Monday. And I hate Mondays. I thought that feeling would have been left behind with school and work. After all, every day is essentially the same for me now right? If only kids took the weekends off from being kids. I take that back. Ross always says, "be careful what you wish for." Well maybe he doesn't always say that. That would be kind of cheesy, and would imply I'm always wishing for questionable things, but he's said it before I'm sure. Anyway... I guess what with the weekend still being the most fun, with Ross being home and a little less pressure to check things off my list, as a mom, I still hate to see the weekend go. And therefore....
In the spirit of feeling and sending some positive vibes-- to fight the Monday blues, (and for me, this HORRIBLE weather I'm trying to survive) a few things that I love:

- This new song on my list at #1. I'm sure I'll be sick of it next week, but forget to change it on my blog because my computer's too often muted. But for now, I'm loving it.

- Fresh and Easy-- I know it's been done-- but don't know if I've mentioned this reason. HALF OFF whatever expires that day. I'm LOVING it. Trying to fit it in in the morning when there's bound to be more selection. Today I got tomatoes, blackberries, the precooked chicken I can freeze and pull out whenever I'm desperate (and I usually hate precooked chicken but this is different, it's like I cooked it and stuck it in the fridge, still not quite like fresh, but not all bouncy and weird), hamburgers (hooray- pretty sure I've mentioned how I liked those, and we're having the missionaries from church over for dinner tomorrow), and some marinated kabobs for dinner (which reminds me of a very funny FOTC clip on my Bro in law, Joe's blog if you feel like laughing.... "...the most beautiful girl I have ever seen with a keBAB" check it out. ) I'm sure I got some more stuff, but I think you're done reading about it. Oh and tack on one of their $5 off coupon. Almost made me forget it was Monday.

- These new West Elm chairs from my sister, Melisa!!!!! I am absolutely in love with them. Thankyou thankyou thankyou Mel. We've all been eating in a row at the counter. Not great for dinner conversation. And honestly rounding the corner that enters the kitchen and seeing this flash of color makes me SO happy. Even on a 110 degree Monday morning. (We got a couple of other things from her, but I'm going to have to wait until I make them look cute in the room before I post them. I love love love love siblings with good tastes and hand-me-downs... I really am so grateful....)

and now that I've got the chairs, I'm finally loving:

- my white ikea cheap, cheap tulip table. I was worried it looked too cheap. Now I love it.

-Nursing. Mila won't take a bottle, just like Sophia wouldn't. And I like how I say "won't", as if I gave them any choice. I would love the freedom to leave for a date before 7 or run Saturday errands with no deadline, but I just can't make myself put energy into pumping or working on the bottle thing when I LOVE NURSING. I guess that's just what I get.

-Speaking of nursing-- you know what I really love? When one of her loose hands finds my skin and her fingers tickle my side and it feels intentional. Like she's saying I love you. Like real affection. Like the reciprocation has started. I LOVE that.

-Open faced, avocado, turkey, and tomato sandwiches, (but the avocado has to be squished on the toast, not just sliced, and the tomatoes cannot have been refrigerated. And plenty of kosher salt. I like being able to control the bigger granules in my fingers. Yum-- I'm eating one right now.

- LONG naps from my little ones.

Speaking of..... didn't get that particular love today... they've each woken up during this post which does remind me that I love:

- when they wake up from naps. All sleepy eyed and snuggly, and GORGEOUS. (Why don't we look better than ever when we wake up like they do? ) And Sophia sits so carefully with Mila and plays with her "here you go baby" giving her all sorts of toys that she doesn't know what to do with, and then takes them away "no no baby, can't play that"... but all very sweet... because she's just woken up. I love that.

And now it's 3 pm, so maybe Tuesday will come pretty quickly and all will be well with my mental status. Wish me luck. And perhaps a breeze.


Lindsay & Weston said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with the Monday blues. I've got double the Monday blues because we just got back from vacation and Nate and I are missing the sand and the ocean and the many people to play with!

I loved your list, by the way. I am the opposite when it comes to nursing. I'd rather put in the time pumping for some flexibility. I'm impressed that you can do it for so long!

I didn't know about the 50% off at Fresh n' Easy. I will need to check that out one of these mornings. You are always full of fun facts I never knew about. :)

One last thing on my novel of a post . . . I'm SO JEALOUS of your hand me downs. I LOVE those chairs. love them. love them.

The Daly Fam! said...

Yes the good ole Mondays. Thats when I wish I lived there so I could take your kids while you go do something fun. You have such beautiful girls. I love your blog it is so so so cute.
PS Also love those chairs. What a great hand me down.

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

I love the look of the whole West Elm catalog. I had a very long list of things to complete on my Monday list. Somehow a nap seemed more important. Oh wait. I did not get that nap because my little one decided to take a nap with me. Then she did not want to nap, but give me raspberries on my cheeks. But raspberries on my cheeks makes up for not getting done with 60% of my "Things to Do."

Christin said...

yummmy....I love reading your descripions of food. I had a sandwich with avocado on it yesterday too but the avocado was not ripe enough. Oh well, at least I got a shower yesterday.


P.S. cute girls.....still love the chubby cheeks

Ambyr said...

Thanks for making me smile. Your details are my details. Love it.

Kym said...

Now its tuesday & hopefully a lot better! I just have to say how much I LOVE your west elm chairs!!! can't wait to see all the other fun things you got.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

okay why when we both have seemingly gloomy mondays do your descriptions make yours seem so romantic still and mine are just plain lame? :) i need some romantic writing lessons from you, my dear.

seriously. :) that's all i can think of at the moment. that I need some lessons from you in seeing the good. just had a realtor show up 30 minutes early for an appointment.. 30 minutes! do you know what I'm DOING 30 minutes early? sweeping, swiffering, throwing dirty dishes in the dishwasher, looking at the laundry basket at the top of the stairs, RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE FRONT DOOR thinking, "I'm never going to be ready in 30 minutes!" and there they walk, up my walk! "Oh sorry I guess we ARE a little early. can we still come in?" WHAT!?! so I'm way frazzled. seriously.

your comments cheered me a little though. I truly appreciate you.

and speaking of long comments, is this an email or a comment michelle?! get on with it! :)

love you, love your girls, glad it's tuesday now!

Lacy said...

GREAT post Lillie. I'm sorry that I did not call you yesterday. The chairs look great and that picture of the girls is precious.

S.A.S. said...

I wish you luck, a breeze and a happy WEDNESDAY:) Looks like the week's half over already. I totally understand, and I'm a worker! Just giving up time with those you love most to head back to Monday... it's hard.

I could not be more excited to see the gorgeous blondes - Mila, Soph, Ross, and you with that beautiful STYLISH hair. Sigh, don't hate me for being so dull and fearful. I always did say I might cut AFTER the wedding...

Love you so. (those green chairs are lovely!)

Denae (a.k.a. D-dawg) said...

Very good post Lillie. Counting my blessings always puts me in a better mood. I should try to do it on Mondays! I hate Mondays so much too. Your girls are beautiful.

Missy said...

I'm obsessed with those chairs Lillie. Who do you give your hand me downs to?! I'll pay you for them:)

The thing I love most about that last photo is sweet Sophia's face, where she looks SO much like you. Which means that you must always look like a sweet, just woken up angel.

Come stay the weekend! We can do the beach and be all breezy together:)

Lowdogg said...

Thanks for mentioning me little blog.

Sometime soon, today or tomorrow, I will be discussing the landmark Supreme Court decision on Gun Rights, D.C. v Heller.

Right up your alley, eh?

alliehoopes said...

Add me to the list of people obsessed with those chairs. First I thought the pictures were FROM the catalog, no joke. Wowza. I've come back to look on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and again today. And found them on the site and wished I had that much money for something I don't really need because our other chairs are perfectly fine. But not really. And I always love a FOTC reference thrown in. Especially thrown in to normal conversation when the person you're talking to has no clue. And also obsessed with the song. Love that guy.

Kodi said...

Wow. Those chairs look so good. I've been thinking about them since you got them and since I haven't talked to you in forever. . . so glad to see them. They're perfect.