Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Coming Up For Air

Another Friday at dance class

A couple of times he wanted to join in... but mostly Tanner watched the lovely sea of little girls in pink...

"Position One"-- never knew it could be so tricky and therefore SOOO cute-- after being corrected a few times, she focused so hard, kept her heels together causing her belly and bum to stick out while she hollered to the teacher "yook yook!" pointing adamantly at her properly spaced v-shaped feet with SO much pride. You can imagine MY pride.

Can you tell which feet belong to my little girl? Poor thing... mama can't get around to buying her a pair of shoes.

(These pictures have nothing to do with the post.... Tanner came with us to Sophie's dance class last Friday and I snapped a few before we went in... they’re super cute when they get together... for at least an hour before they fight crazy like brother and sister.)
Now on to the house:
It's official. We made the wrong decision. Thanks!--- to those of you who said the house was cute--- but it's not ours as of tomorrow. We just kept coming back to a home in a different neighborhood, (same builder, same great sale) that we've had our eye on for over a year. The home we bought was cheaper, in our current ward, close to my F&E Market, and included a neighborhood pool.... lots of selling features. It sold us quick... but once we got through all the chaos of the campers and the line and the urgency.... it just didn't feel right. We kept going back to look at the other house and agreed that we both felt SOOO much more at home there (spiritual? maybe... or maybe just because the cabinets were a gorgeous espresso and the granite my favorite color scheme--- and the master bath SO much bigger.... and for Ross? Pre-wired for surround sound!) Sounds a bit shallow... but the floor plan was so much more comfortable and the neighborhood... familiar. We have a lot of great friends who live there, it's zoned for a better school, and mostly... we just like the house a LOT more. I'm SURE now. And that's a good feeling. I'm sick of making pro/con lists.

Now for the stressful part. So this whole UnAuction makes for an interesting buying process. We can't just rescind and buy the other one. We get to camp out all OVER AGAIN!


The sales agent has informed us that another family wants our house and is supposedly going to be camping out as of tomorrow... for the Saturday sale. So we've been racking our brains for how it's all going to work. Sigh. Kind of exhausting. I'm pretty sure that between myself, Ross, and his parents (coming for Mila's blessing this weekend) we'll have our place in line covered as of tomorrow morning. We might be a lone car parked in a parking lot for a couple of days like a couple of fools. But we can't bear to lose the house after all this.

Sigh-- I seriously feel like we haven't been able to talk or think about ANYTHING else since last Wednesday or so... and now to go through it all over again this weekend... kind of a bummer. But if we get it... it will ALL be worth it! And there will be so many pictures to come! I am SOOOO excited about this house. We'll have a guest room without a baby in it... so anyone's welcome to come visit. :)

So I posted our first rental ad on Craigslist Sunday, and we got two calls today. Hooray! One family came by to look at it tonight, cute couple with a little girl... could it be any more perfect?! We have a pink room waiting for her and everything! I'm feeling hopeful--- wish us luck.



OH MY GOSH- I love that picture of Tanner and Sophia- where their mouths are touching! I LOVE IT!!!!! I know I've said this a million times, but your pictures are so amazing! I love them so much, and your Sophia is gorgeous. her hair looks so cute in a pony tail.- And- I looked at your house, which I've never seen- and I love it! You decorate so cute- I love all of it- and it looks really nice, like from a magazine.

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

Okay, okay. I hope the best for you and your house. (I said that through gritted teeth.) It's just that it was bad enough when we lost Lizzie and all the other people we love so much. I just feel our ward is shrinking and THAT ward has more people than they know what to do with. Okay, so now I've vented. Truly though, if you AND Ross both felt the same way, it is a pretty good indication that you should follow that feeling. So go for it and good luck. (Like you were really waiting for and seeking my permission-right?)

Lauren said...

LOVE the dance pictures again. Her little ponytail is so adorable. Love first position, too. I can only imagine how excited she was AND YOU. :) I am so glad that you finally feel good about your decision to let your first house GO. How hard, but I'm glad that you feel good about it and I am crossing my fingers that you'll get the one that you want! It sounds perfect for your little family! Have fun camping out and enjoy all of your family for Mila's blessing.

Jenie said...

Wow! You've had a really big couple of weeks. Good luck with the camping out...I'm excited for you guys. I know you don't really know me that well, but I'm hoping this means we'll get to know each other a little more. Your pictures are so darling and I LOVE your house...if I hear of anyone looking for a rental, I'll definitely send them your way. What a great time to buy! Maybe you can settle for Stater Brothers and Walgreens? :) I know, not the same but good luck with everything!

Audry said...

Oh my that's a lot but when you know you know. Hopefully you get the house. I so miss my house in Talavera. They have great floor plans. Good luck!!! I love the pictures of Tanner and Sophia.

Lizzie said...

Come on Lillie, we all know the REAL reason you want to move into the other house is because it's in MY neighborhood. You want to be closer to me. Ross wants to be closer to Shad and Sophie wants to be closer Tanner. Mila probably doesn't care, but she will be grateful this summer when she is sleeping peacefully upstairs in the guest room and we are all out in the pool.

Lindsay & Weston said...

We had a similar, crazy house buying experience and it's NO fun. It will be a huge relief when it's all over!

We'll be coming to use that new guest room of yours. :)

Rebecca said...

Your photography is getting SOOO good. I'm highly impressed.

Watts Family said...

You are doing great with your new camera, Lillie. You are such a talented person and such an accomplished writer. Let me know the next time that you guys make it up this way. We have plenty of snow clothes that can be borrowed so that you can stay dry and warm. Sophia may look like a boy in them though...
So exciting to hear about your home purchasing and returning experiences. I am getting a kick out of it, so keep posting.
I miss you