Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I hate thinking of titles all of the time. Perhaps I'll just write the day of the week.

We are of course back from our weekend and what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't report? It was just what I expected: three incredibly well-behaved, self-sufficient kids willing to play with and entertain Sophia...and Ross all weekend long. Yes I think this was one of Ross' favorite weekends. To be busy from sun-up to sun-down with swimming, soccer games, park play, and (ahem) game cube, may be just what my big kid needs to be utterly happy. :) Sometimes I feel like such an old lady next to him, especially being pregnant, what with me wanting nothing more than a nap and some time to read. I guess that makes us a good team. Well... I guess that just makes me really lucky since he allowed me to nap and read while he went non-stop. Sometimes, I will admit, like most of us, I focus on the good stuff on my blog, so it sounds like I have only the BEST things to say about my PERFECT husband. Well obviously there's more :), but this weekend, he really was, all 'blog superilatives' aside, super-husband, super-dad, and super-uncle. I felt like one big, tired, lucky, pregnant woman.

Saturday afternoon we were joined by my dad and Mary Beth. My dad soaked in the hot-tub for what seemed long enough to cook a man of normal size, (but since he is a Frisch, he came out alright.) We got pizza and watched Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles with the kids and soaked up each-other's company. We don't get enough of it. Since we didn't get a picture together on my camera, I'll have to improvise... (here's one of my Dad and Mary Beth from Ian's wedding last year.)The one very un-fun bump in the road: Sophia got sick. After a day in the sun, she seemed to be running a fever. After some motrin, pizza, and ... icecream (only the best for my poor, little sick girl)... we put her down. A couple of hours later we went up to find her super hot, whimpering, and shaking like I've never seen. It freaked me out so I laid her on Byron and Kim's bed next to me while Ross went down to find a thermometer and some more medicine. After dozing off for a few minutes, she sits up abruptly, coughs, and then.... duh duh duh... vomits. Yup, on Byron and Kim's beautiful bed. I scooped her up as fast as I could to run to the bathroom, but all that meant was we extended the mess from the bed, through the length of the bedroom, and bathroom, to the counters and sink. It was awful. I've never seen her throw up- she spit up a bunch as a baby, but never real throw-up. She was so horrified and kept wiping her little tongue like "what is this?!" (Is this far too graphic and disgusting for the blog??) It just broke my heart. Especially because I think there are few things worse in life than throwing up (Sarah, if you're still reading through the details, I know you're nodding your head in emphatic agreement.) Eventually, it subsided, and her and I jumped in the tub while Ross started the very lengthy late-night clean-up. Evidence of both the super-husband and super-dad.

As expected, she seemed to feel much better after the purge, and slept in until 9 or so... she seemed to be totally out of the funk within a couple of days. Here's a cute one of her on Byron's quad when they got back from their weekend in Mexico.

Thank you Byron and Kim for letting us enjoy your beautiful home and for treating our little mishap like nothin', and thanks Colton, Chloe, and Soren for a fun weekend! We miss you already!


Lindsay & Weston said...

Poor Sophia (and mom!). I can now somewhat understand what it's like to have your kids upset. I'm glad she's OK now and that overall, you had a nice weekend.

Everything you said about Ross pretty much sums up Wes, too. He was so wonderful last week and I can't get over how lucky I am. Good job Ross to take such good care of your wife.

Watts Family said...

Why are there no pictures of you lillie? You always take great pictures, so I don't know why you don't post more of yourself.

I love the first picture of Sophia and her cute tummy sticking out. She is such a cute photogenic little girl. I am looking forward to see what this next girl will look like.

Becky Freestone said...

i hope i would have done the same thing you did with sophia when i am a mom. i can't handle seeing someone throw up, let alone having it all over me. i would have for sure thrown up myself, or at least started gagging.
you are lucky to have ross around. he seems like such a great dad and so helpful. i can't wait to see what a great dad zac is going to be, at least i hope.

S.A.S. said...

What a fun weekend overall... those children are all beautiful and I'm so glad that there were good times had by all. I've always loved Ross, but I love him all the more to see him (and hear about him) as a dad. He just seems like the most amazing, loving dad and husband. I'm so glad you have him because you deserve to be well taken care of, and he does a spectacular job.

Ha - I was indeed shaking my head in sympathy when reading about Sophia's vomit episode.. there is truly nothing I hate more physically than throwing up. I think I'd rather have surgery.. no joke. Poor little thing - but with sweet parents, sickness is always 10 times more tolerable. I'm glad she's feeling better and that pizza and ice cream were part of the treatment. Next time I'm sick I'm coming to your place.


Rebecca said...

Lillie, I can't stop laughing at Sophia's stomach in the first picture. Do you ever get enough of it? And I'm so sorry she was sick, but your weekend sounds perfect. I'm kind of really excited when our kids are old enough for baseball games.

Lowdogg said...

Joseph pooped in our shower yesterday. Big time.

No fun then. Very funny now.

missy said...

I was going to say the same thing about Sophia's tummy in photo 1. I love it! But, what I even like more is that all of those children in that photo look like they could be Ross and yours and he looks like the proud dad to all of them. You're bound to have six children Lillie. Adorable.

Sounds like a great weekend. Someday. Someday our two little girls will meet in person (again) and we'll be able to sip drinks by the pool:)

Cherity said...

Hi, I hope it's Okay that I'm commenting on your blog. But, I came accross it today and, I couldn't help but notice your very cute little family! And, I'm pretty sure your husband and my husband grew up together in Walnut Creek, CA. He looks SO familiar and I think that when me and my husband were first dating, we would hang out with him every once in a while. Anyway, sorry to take up so much room!

The rlmmmmcaress Family: said...

Ditto about the part about Ross looking like the natural father of the whole group. He is a bit young for that many, but they all really do look like they could belong to both of you.

That story about the vomiting . . . you are quite the graphic writer. It was like I was there. Maya has a strong propensity toward vomiting so I have my share of stories. However, I will spare you the details.