Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'll regret this later

I'm slightly terrified at the thought that I'm literally posting a full body, bathing-suit-clad, 23-week-pregnant, looking-36-week-pregnant, solo shot of myself. Especially because, just by doing so, my ever ego-boosting friends will feel obligated to tell me that I look great and am all belly. Which everyone knows only happens to Angelina Jolie who should have died of starvation during pregnany if she were human. But I'm still doing it, posting the picture. Some of you have commented on how you'd like to see my expanding size, and I know I always do of other pregnant women, so I am... delivering. And the swim suit? Well it seems to be what I'm wearing most days this summer, and it might in some ways be less offensive than the hugeness that amounts when you put a billowy peasant shirt, or something of that sort, over this body.

So I went to the doctor yesterday, after spending that week in Florida with Lacy and Joe who enjoy food almost as much as I do, and I did indeed, suffer consequences on the scale. I've debated what's the lesser of two evils. Now that you've seen this picture of me, is it better that I let you believe I haven't gained much at all, that I'm terribly lucky, or better yet disciplined? But then you think my normal body is not a far stretch from this one. Hmmm. Or do I admit the vast increase and by doing so, admit my utter lack of self-control and disregard for normal-sized servings of icecream? It was a tough call, but I decided on the latter.

At 23 weeks pregnant (5 1/2 months or so)

Weight gain: duh duh duh... 18 pounds!

Size of uterus: soccer ball

Size of baby: carrot (but last week it said banana and the week before said coconut, is my baby getting smaller or is BabyCenter growing there own crops of tiny coconuts and huge carrots?)

Movement: She kicks me all the time, Ross can feel it on the outside if he's patient enough to leave his hand in one spot for long enough, apparantly it's hard sometimes to touch your wife for that long when you're trying to watch a show... Just kidding Ross.

Complaints: Sigh. Where do I begin? Just kidding, I'm really to the stage where I'm loving it. The heartburn is the worst consistent discomfort, but nothing a constant fix of Zantec can't help. :) Feeling ligament pains on my sides, thought I was just constantly in a state of over-eating, which might be part of it, but I think they are officially the ligament pains. Various back pains, but those seem to be part of my life regardless and 18 pounds can't help. Lots of trips to the loo (sp?), a few calf cramps, but mostly I'm just grinning all day as a second little girl kicks lovely rythms in my belly. I LOVE that part. Where you lie in bed after your husband falls asleep and realize you're just hangin' with this very wakeful baby in your belly that no one else can feel or really know yet...

Motherhood. Even considering the nausea, weight gain, heartburn, breakouts you never had in highschool, looking like an idiot in your yoga class, etc... we really are lucky.

And I know, since Florida, I'm far too blog-happy.


Lacy said...

I loved it- every bit of the update. Thanks for helping me right my mood. Even if I feel like my complaints about my day are justified, "at the end of the day" I am sooooo lucky to be a mom. Love you lil-


Missy said...

You look perfectly 23 weeks along. I love the full body shot, even if it makes me a little jealous of you and your perfectly pregnant frame.

I love your blog-happiness (even though I hadn't thought you were...did you read MY vacation blog happiness posts?). It's SO fun to hear your voice, read your updates and know that you are going to be a mom to 2 beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed little girls. I've asked you this a trillion times, do you have any names picked out?

And Lillie, 18 pounds for 23 weeks? That is NOT bad at all. You're more than halfway there.

Oh and to end my marathon comment, I have to say that your last line about laying awake at night (or later on in pregnancy, being woken up by the kicks) feeling the kicks when the house is quiet and it's just you and the new baby...quite possibly my favorite part of pregnancy. And I love my sleep:) You write it all so well. I've got to get out there to visit you!

chloe elizabeth said...

I know you don't know me and I really hope it doesn't weird you out that I"m commenting here, but I had to tell you that you are just adorable. Exactly what I would have hoped for Ross. And I love your music selection!

Brandon or Michelle. said...

okay, whatever, you are the cutest pregnant lady I've seen (and I see lots of a particular other one named myself)..I seriously can't see 18 pounds or whatever you said look fantastic.

also have to say that laying down, feeling little one kick is the very best part. (seems like we wait an awful long time for this..thank heavens we're finally here!) and I'm happy to hear you have aches and pains too, if I might say that, just because I was beginning to feel like I might be the only one saying, "oo, ouch" every time I turn or try and get up or sit or after I've laid weird or's nice to not be alone in this.

cutest girl you are! way to be brave and post..wish I could say the same for myself! :)

Denae said...

You're so cute Lily! And you're right, everyone loves to see pictures of pregnant people so thanks for sharing your adorable tummy. 18 pounds isn't too bad. I actually gained 50 with Macey and it was scary! Next time around for I'm going to have to be more careful. I'm glad to hear everything is going well with the little one inside of you. Feeling the baby move is the best feeling.

Lizzie said...

I love baby centers descriptions! From a banana to a carrot? What in the world? Are they trying to scare you or what? So, I didn't realize she was moving so much. Next time you come over I want to feel her move!!

And of course you look perfect and truly all belly, but you never believe me anyway. But to everyone else....I see Lillie in person all the time, and she really DOES look beautiful and all baby.

Kym said...

You are adorable! I only hope I look as good as you when I'm pregnant. I loved all the vacation photos, too. Will you take pictures at my wedding so I can buy them off you?

S.A.S. said...

I absolutely believe Lizzie. Lillie, there are very few people that are your consistently beautiful - which I attribute partially to great genetics, partially to your amazing dedication to the gym, and hugely to a warm, day-brightening smile. You do, in fact, look absolutely beautiful and 'perfectly pregnant' (as Missy said).

I love the details of what it's like to be pregnant since I haven't been that... yet, but in so many ways can't wait. The baby sizes killed me - a banana then coconut then carrot? Ha. Keep up the posting, there's no such thing as too much (and you make up for some of us who are better at keeping up with comments than their own posts). Love you and can't WAIT to see that belly in person!!

Lindsay & Weston said...

Loved the pregnancy post especially because it reminded me of the good times of being pregnant. :) I loved being able to lay in bed for months and just feel him move. My love for being pregnant ended at about 37 weeks so thanks for this post to remind me of how lucky I am to have my little guy....even if he is causing much pain and discomfort. :)

And you are by far, the cutest pregnant girl I've ever seen. I love it. Thanks for posting the picture. :)

Debbie said...

Okay, I feel a little bit like I'm eavesdropping on a conversation by posting a comment, but I couldn't help myself. I think you look great and very happy (which is a flattering expression). Besides, I've heard that you get bigger faster with #2 because of the stretching muscles and blah blah blah... (At least that's what I'm telling myself.) I'm 23 weeks as well as of today and nodding along with all your comments. The scale is the most frustrating part of pregnancy for me. It may be because I was still working off my baby weight when I found out I was pregnant again. (Clark turned 1 this week. Yay!) Well, I look forward to your posts.

Debbie V.

Becky Freestone said...

if it helps you any seeing your belly toatlly makes me want to have a baby. you are so cute. sorry to say it, but you look amazing. i think i gained 18 pounds on my vacation last week alone. not to worry lillie.

Rebecca said...

Goodness I think that the best swimming suit out there and you look fabulous. Your last paragraph made me so excited to be 6 weeks farther than I am.

Corrie said...

You are still a tiny thing. I know you don't feel like you are, when there's a soccer ball inside for a uterus. But, you look amazing!

I loved your vacation photos - made me want to travel to Florida. You have to blow up that picture of Soph in her bathing suit heading to the water - so cute.