Monday, November 23, 2009

On my Christmas List

The watch. Not the gorgeous, perfectly blond long hair, or big lips and model-smile, or tiny post-two-baby frame of this beautiful girl at the Baby Naming from last weekend. No I keep a reasonable list. The watch.
And get this--- it's by Swatch Watch. Like the brand we knew when we were 9. Which means it's like 120 bucks. I LOVE it.
Now we'll just wait and see if :
a: Santa brings it
b: It looks nearly as cute on a wrist that's twice as big.


Attic Gal Rachelle said...

It would probably look normal size on my wrist.

Be good. Santa might just come through for you!

brooke said...

I saw a girl with that same one on last year and was obsessed...I will want to borrow it for sure, or is that weird to borrow watches?

Brandon or Michelle said...

sigh. home from my trip and back to stalking you.

and I'd like to say that once I was totally into men-sized watches myself, until a salesperson told me they really only work on "petite wrists." thanks a whole lot.

:) can we talk again soon? those are my favorite days.

and ps. i looked over at the photo blog too and it's so GREAT! you are doing so much, so well! congrats, dear lady. :)

Megan Daly said...

Super cool watch. Dang Cute!! Hope santa brings it too. :)

Hey did you ever decide on that cool couch for your wall??