Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lovely right?

There are two walls in my house that are ever-changing.... haven't managed to get anything I love there--- so nothing sticks. I'm thinking one of these might do the trick. I had in my head that something like this would cost me an-anthropologie-fortune.... more specifically like $2800. But that's just bananas. And no amount of picture-money-that-Ross-doesn't-ask-questions-about ;) could have justified that to me in the end. As much as I sort of hoped it could.

So I looked elsewhere and was shocked to find these options from Target and Urban Outfitters for between $4-600! Which is your fave? I'm not sure if I could pull off the orange one on the wall I'm referring to since it's so close to my grey/blue living room.... but I LOVE it, and maybe if it doesn't work there I could just put it at the foot of my bed--- but then I love that blue one in the photo with the wood floors---(if only I had those and the white walls instead of tan tile and tan walls.... one thing at a time), love the green too, and who couldn't use a great b/w print somewhere? Oh I don't know. help?


Lindsay Griffeth said...

I've been looking for something JUST like that but didn't think to look at Target! Although Target has (or had) an orange/white print chair that I absolutely LOVE but don't have a place for it in my shoebox house. :)

You really can't go wrong with any of them - but I love the black/white and orange/white print.

Megan Daly said...

I can't remember your color scheme. I know you have shown them to us before on the blog but I can't remember. I really really like the Urban outfitter floral ones. They too would be so cute at the foot of a bed. Love that also. But I would need to see your house to give you better feedback as to what matches. But I do love the Orange FLORAL. :)

Anonymous said...

The black and white would be a great background for any baby photo! The print is delish. That's my opinion.


alliehoopes said...

orANGE orANGe (that's me cheering)

The Yardley's said...

i've had my eyes on the same ones from target! im a fan of good old faithful... blue. but i do love orange!