Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Boooo (does it have an "h" on the end?)

Hmmm. I actually really liked the FIRST one. Super-duper-teenie-bopper, low-budget and all. Actor-Edward grew on me, the music got me, and it made me happy to see that fun book in film. Everyone said the second one was even better.

Blackhhhccccgggg. Turns out I was so disappointed. I knew the first time around I was SO bummed at the choice for Bella. But I guess I could handle it for one movie. This time I was overwhelmed by my lack-of-love for Kristen Stewart. I think it should have been the cute girl from Gilmore girls, or just a no-name that was cuter, more endearing, not so pointy-like and droopy-eyed. Between her and Robert I was sure they would fall asleep at any moment. Just look up! I wanted to scream. Almost there... his eyes... getting warmer...
It almost ruined it for me, her down-cast-eyes staring at his overly pink vampire lips. And that you-know-what 'tension' that gets a little old even in the book and is WAY worse watching these two little teenage actors.... and then there was Jacob's feminine voice. Geeze louise.
Thank goodness for Jessica and her under-breath rants... she was my favorite by far.
Hhhhhhhh ....... I miss the Edward and Bella I knew and loved in print...maybe there's hope with the next two.... but I'm feeling doubtful. Sad and doubtful.


Megan Daly said...

What!?! You are crazy! I Loved this movie and I Loved Jacob. He is HOT!!! lol (even though he is only 17) :)

But I do agree with you about Jessica. She was funny and so was Mike. :)

I agree to disagree with you on this. I loved this movie!! :)

HMB said...

OMG...I felt the same way! I Thought it was good...NOT great! Ugh! I wanna go back to the Catherine Hardwick days!

Erika Allred said...

I have to agree with you mostly about the actors. I thought the second movie was a better made movie, but I too was disappointed.

Jessica said...

I guess it's good for me that I never even picked up the first book until after I had watched Twilight, so to me those actors have always been Bella and Edward in my mind.