Sunday, September 27, 2009

This whole month belonged to her.

Dear Sophia-- sia, phia, sophie, sophie-bug, sister-soph, and princess, (not punkin, or dude--- you get furious when I call you either of those right now. Princess is definitely preferred.)

The second day of this month marked your 4th birthday. We did donuts for breakfast, cupcakes in class, and Chuckee Cheese's at night as a family (I think that was our first and last time as a family-- mom's not a fan.) You had fun, but you kept asking me when we were having a birthday party with all of your friends. We saw a bunch of boys in the street skateboarding on the way home... "are those my friends coming to my house for my party!?" It broke my heart to disappoint you even a little.

We got you a dollhouse, but mommy picked it up the night before and left no time for Dad to set it up. So really you just looked at the box longingly. When will I think ahead like a grown-up?? I hope you don't inherit my flaky side.

The very next day, Dad swept you and Mila off to Utah for a fun vacation with Nana and Grandpa B. while Daddy and I went to Hawaii. The month was full, and on the 22nd, a few weeks later, we finally celebrated with all of your friends at Pump It Up! It was a fun party-- and watching you run and jump and slide and laugh with your friends, like such a big girl-- made me realize that I'd better put in writing some of the details of this precious phase. Four.

You are thoroughly a big sister- you love Mila. You watch out for her. You hate when she's asleep and can't play with you, and lately it takes all of your willpower to not go in and wake her up. The wrath of the mean-mommy usually deters you. :) You miss her while you're at school. You show her off to all your friends, and lots of strangers too. "This is my baby sister, Mila"-- you announce it proudly to every friendly face in Costco.

You can still throw a pretty gnarly fit if she takes your toy without your approval, but when you have time to decide all on your own, you are as generous as the desert sun.

You are smarter every day. And you are always coming up with things that surprise me. You love the temple and the idea of getting married there some day. You tell me you want to marry Tanner there in a purple dress--- I’ve stopped explaining why it needs to be white, because that just makes you furious-- you want yours PURPLE! So I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I tell you that you're too little to marry Tanner, and that you guys should just be great friends, and that only grown-ups like mommy and daddy get married. Now, you come out of your room early in the morning occasionally and ask me, "mom, am I bigger yet? Can I marry Tanner now?" He's a lucky kid, our sweet friend Tanner. You are quite the catch.

-Your body is strong and coordinated. I love watching you run and climb… jump on the tramp and swim--- you are athletic—powerful and deliberate in your movements. I cannot wait to watch you utilize those talents in whatever ways you choose as you grow older.

-You sing like an angel. All of the time. Your songs of choice are "I know you" from Sleeping Beauty and the "Let me be your wings" one from Thumbelina-- you know most the words. Well at least your version. You might belt out what sounds like "let me be your horny love!" in place of "let me be your only love!" but it's pretty close.

- You've been in speech therapy and your speech has improved a ton this past year. You're still working hard on your s-blends. So star is "tar" and smile becomes "pile" (I guess it's hard to go from the front of the mouth to the nose like that) but instead of getting frustrated like you used to, you listen closely as I repeat it correctly and you smile, focus, and repeat it back until you get it. You are so proud of yourself when you say it right----------- but not as proud as me.

- Lately, before daddy leaves for work, you say, "wait dad! and ONE. More. Thing. I forgot to blow you kiss.... (it sounds a lot cuter in person, with your morning voice.)

- You love your friends and are socially, as brave as the tiger in Quick as a Cricket. You are outgoing and friendly and never look back at me when I drop you at school...... Well maybe after I fight for your attention, and beg you to blow me a kiss... and you just want me to get out already.

- You still give me a run for my money. You are sassy and emotional. All girl. You get frustrated and impatient and even at four, you throw some fierce fits. I'm constantly reminding you right now to stop growling (uh huh) and screaming, when your mad and just tell me what's wrong. You usually mellow out and speak calmly once I remind you-- and the dimples from that oops-I-did-it-again guilty smile bring my mile-high blood pressure right back down as quickly as it went up. I wonder where you get your extreme emotions. I wonder.

- Your grouchy is really grouchy. But your sweet---oh your sweet is SOO sweet. You climb in our bed at about six every morning and snuggle in to me as close as you can, pulling at and draping my arms, trying to figure out the best way to wrap them around you. I can't lie, I don't always love this hyper-extending rag-doll, experience at 6 am. But I love that you are snugly--- and I love that you love your family. And I love that Heavenly Father sent you to us. I'm the luckiest mom in the world.

I love every single, tiny thing about you. Growling and screaming included.
You are four-- and absolutely exquisite.


Christin said...

I can't believe how long her hair is now. WOW> I love my four year old girls. They are so fun. She's a beauty.


MnS said...

Happy birthday Sophia Princess. I love her in the second pic. She is just beautiful.

Lindsay Griffeth said...

She looks so old in the b/w picture with her sister!

That was a great write-up of Sophia. Loved it!

staceykt22 said...

tear. sO sweet.

Nana from San Diego said...

Wow! I laughed and cried with the precious things you said about Sophia! She will treasure the things you take the time to write about her.

Attic Gal Alysa said...

This was beautifully written momma-chan. I loved reading all about this adorable daughter of yours. I need to remember to do this for my children. Wouldn't you have loved something like this from your mom? I would have. You are an amazing writer. Please rub off on me.

brooke said...

why can't I write things like this about my family...maybe I can tell you all about Sawyer and you could compose something so much better written than me!
I love you Sophia...

moliver said...

Beautiful! I love when you write such sweet, precious things to your girls. You're not only talented in photography, but with words as well. It's truly a gift. Thank you for sharing.

mWm said...

Lillie-your girls are GORGEOUS!! I can't wait to show Eden the pix :)
I hope the Weston's get to see y'all when we are up in Palm Springs this month.