Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hawaii!! Part 2

(For My Record)

Day 1: Loaded up on Chocolate Mac nuts and other essentials at Costco- then relaxed... then ate burgers at Bubbas... didn't pull out the camera just yet...

Day 2: Shad and Lizzie did the boat tour of the Na Pali Coast, Ross and I hiked to the first beach on the Na Pali coast. Pictures on previous post. I think I'll go make a piece of toast. what? (got carried away with the rhyming...)... when we reached the beach and planted our resting spot, we didn't wonder why no-one else was really lounging on the sand... until the water shocked my resting eyelids and completely submerged my camera. Yup. It was the old one-- the d40. And it seems to be alright... but honestly, if I had time for blog catch-up, you'd hear another story and wonder how I can justify spending money on cameras I can't seem to take care of. yikes.
Cleaned up--- went to Roys. yum.

Day 3: Off to a new beach.

I love him. Can you tell? We're planning to move to Hawaii. Anyone want to buy our houses for what they were worth before we were buried under miles of water?

Day 4: Lamm's go on a helicopter ride that we were too cheap for, while we slept in and swam in the ocean... afternoon, we borrowed kayaks from the Allens (the family I nannied for summer 2002) and kayaked up the Wailua River... then jumped out and hiked as fast as we could to the falls.... Ross was in charge of keeping time so we wouldn't be hiking back down in the dark... we pushed it a little.

As it turns out, starting late was the best move we made all week. We saw nobody as the river narrowed and the trees closed in... It felt like a quiet dream... our hike, a treasure hunt-- like we were the first people to discover this beautiful, cascading, MAGnificent waterfall. We didn't think we had enough time... but figured five more minutes to jump in and swim under the falls would be worth it. It was SOOO worth it. A unanimous highlight of the trip. Our only regret is not having more time to soak it in, and not having a camera to capture it! We couldn't risk it getting wet (uh... again in my case), or getting stolen out of the car (what? all the tourist books warn of it, and I'm thinking bright yellow jeep might whisper "tourist"...)

We planned to have sushi on the way home. Lizzie didn't plan on her clothes getting wet. Poor thing almost bought a t-shirt with a picture of a chubby, half-naked polynesian surfer-girl to get through dinner. This accompanying my too-big running-shorts. Shad couldn't stomach buying such an awful shirt, so he took Ross' over sized, half-damp t, so Lizzie could wear his. We were quite a sight. And by "we" I mean you, Liz. Just kidding. :)

I just looked at the clock... WHY does this always take SOOO much longer than I think it will? I'm husband and kid-free. and NOT loving it. We flew in to LA yesterday, drove to SD, slept over. Ross flew out of SD to Utah this morning to pick up the girls (Thankyou nana and Grandpa B!!! and everyone who helped!) ... and they drive home tomorrow. If I can ever get myself upstairs in my bed and ASLEEP.... I'll be dreaming all night of snuggling those precious girls. This is the longest it's ever been. And it's a little too long.

Guess there will be a part 3. SO MANY PICTURES. Sorry for those that prefer words. Or just a little less of our faces! I told myself I'd just to a link to my flickr.... but then I got going and forgot... and then it wouldn't be in my blurb book... anyway--- I'm warning you... more tomorrow.


Sarie said...

Photos are so beautiful Lillie. You guys look like a Roxy/Quiksilver ad.

Lowdogg said...

These made me really miss Kauai. Beautiful.

Lindsay Griffeth said...

I love Kauai! Glad you guys had such a great time. The pictures are fabulous!

Karley said...

There is nothing like a hawaiian tan-huh? You can't get it anywhere else. You both look great and I am jealous. Glad you had fun!

brooke said...

I'm so jealous...I want to be tan, and in love with Tyson because we just spent time ALONE! I want to eat yummy food too.
But I'm glad you are back. I love normal life!