Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Part 3

I know you're waiting in anticipation. Here goes.

Day 5: Lamm's went hang gliding.... we explored Waimea and scoped out the Shrimp Station that Shad and Lizzie had read about...

Upon picking up the Lamms, we quickly returned to indulge. Pretty sure this was everyone's favorite meal of the trip. An 11 dollar plate FULL of coconut shrimp and sweet chili dipping sauce goodness.... yum.

I don't think I knew how big my mouth was. Not sure how I feel about that, but it's already in the collage...

Everyone full-- to the brim, but we'd seen Lappert's icecream on the drive in, and I remembered them having my favorite Mint and Chip ever from like 10 years ago. So we had to make a stop. I thought "I'll just get one little scoop." ... she talked me out of that normal little cone into this big waffle cone, and believe it or not, this is the 'single scoop'. We were all sick. In sort of a wonderful, chubby, Hawaiian way.

Heading to the East Side for our luau that night, we stopped at Kipu Falls. This is one of those places I thought was a hidden spot for locals that some friends showed me when I nannied over there. Turns out it's in the Kauai book that Lizzie found on Amazon for the trip. The same book we later saw at Costco. (This explained why every tourist seemed to be on our heels the whole time-- but seriously greatest tourist-book ever. As long as we had it with us we could get anywhere on a moments notice. It's the blue one if you go looking??)

Anyway... here we are on the little "hike" into Kipu Falls. I was seriously closing my eyes and ploughing through.... the grass was so high and thick. Amazing.

We found it. We assessed.

Did you think that was four of the same photo? Look again. I told them to be boys... I thought it was too funny that Ross didn't move an inch. I don't think he took a breath even. But seriously, look at those muskulls. Mission accomplished babe.

Shad and Lizzie... ok so it's mostly Lizzie, but really have you seen a cuter pregnant girl?

Killing time before the luau, Shad was determined to crack open a coconut to drink the milk. I don't think it's what he expected...

Uhhh... some straggler pictures I guess...
That evening... luau... luckily we got out of the food portion when we were still stuffed from shrimp and ice cream, and realized we'd be paying 75 bucks for other people's drinks at the open bar. So we just saw the show that night at Smith's Luau... eh--- not my favorite. But we sat next to some really entertaining drunk people.

Day 6: Mission: Relax. Sleep in, walk to Starbucks for egg sandwiches, head over to the other Marriott beach so the boys can surf. And the girls can lay.

I feel like I should confess that Lizzie and I managed to squeeze a lot of this in. A vacation isn't a vacation to me if there isn't a lot of laying in the sun. It's my mom's fault... she was raised in Hawaii and you can still see her soul warming in some good fresh air and sunshine. And of course the air and sunshine is SO much better in the islands. I can smell it just blogging about it.

Did I mention that this was our rental car? Fun right?

All blog-puffery aside, it was heavenly.

Back to diapers and carpools, and photo-walls and upholstered chairs. The things of this world.

Ok but the snuggles and dimples and i-love-you's and midnight giggles from a very sleepy Mila when she squinted her eyes open for a moment and saw me after 12 days (I just counted that for the first time--- HOLY COW! )---- those are SOOO out of this world. Even the heavenly polynesian one.

Happy to be home.

The End.


Ambyr said...

Oh my gosh those pics of Ross' muscle pose had me laughing out loud! Hilarious. I can see Tyler doing the same thing! Btw we're going to Hawaii next May for our tenth (!) Anniversary so you'll have to give me tips on where to eat. I've never been! Xo

Courtney said...

How can you all look so cute & goofy at the same time?? Hope you had a blast & I love the pictures, makes me want to go!!

Kirby said...

Lillie you are such a good mom...Never feel bad about taking time for yourself...Iit is very obvious that you are an awesome mom and totally crazy, head over heels in love with those girls! Plus it's Hawaii...who wouldn't want to be there for 12 amazing days?! Thanks for sharing your pics!

McKayla said...
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The rlmmmmcaress family said...

You really should go into acting. All that expression and the poses? You are such a natural. I mean those looked so candid.

Brandon or Michelle said...

it appears everyone is thinking the same thing: why can you look so cute in so many poses? suddenly I'm glad i wasn't the one on this amazing trip for the simple fact that I need to practice looking cute during random poses first! hello.

oh, and that ross menagerie, with your running commentary, was classic. loved it.

thanks for including the rest of us on your fun. totally awesome of you.

Audry said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!

missy said...

This trip sounds fabulous Lillie! Love all the photos. We went there on our honeymoon and yep, did the kayak/waterfall hike and Devin did the crazy rope swing. I thought I would too, but I think I made the same expression you made and chickened out.

It's ok though, I still think we're pretty adventures girls:)

How fun to have such good friends to go on trips with!