Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall Television.... it's here!

Mercy: don't do it. NBC's attempt at a New York, nurse's Grey's Anatomy. In those first five minutes when she pinched the woman's nose between her knuckles to get her to shut up like she was one of the three stooges--- well I guess I should have caught on then and not wasted my time.

Cougar Town: Holy Cow. So bad. On so many levels. Really obnoxious characters, really awful message-- made me sort of ashamed to be a woman. If that were a show about men trying to seduce younger women it would be outwardly offensive--- why is Hollywood so determined to create such a double standard? Yuck. I liked my Monica neurotic and quirky, not trashy and desperate. Ashamed we even tivo'd it. But I feel this overwhelming need to support my old friends on their new ventures, you know? oh-- which reminds me...

Love Happens: A movie-- so it doesn't really fit in my new-fall-tv-show-review. But lame, nonetheless. I expected so-so, because while I can't resist a movie with Jennifer Aniston just so I can stare at her hair and hope I feel the FRIENDS nostalgia, I'm usually disappointed. But this was disappointing for other reasons. It wasn't about love at all. Really, I felt like I was attending a grieving seminar or some big group/ broadcasted therapy session. Depressing. Blah. But her hair was lovely as ever.

Biggest Loser: It is what it always is. And if only it were an hour instead of two, and Jillian didn't always have her face scrunched in that "I'm gonna kill someone" ridiculous expression, we'd be loyal viewers for the whole season. But this first episode made me bawl like a 4-year-old who's block-village just got knocked over by her baby sister. Sad.

Modern Family: Hhhhhhhhh (that's a sigh)-- The thought of willingly watching a show with the guy who played Al Bundy was NOT enticing to me. But Ross insisted it would be a winner. And it did NOT disappoint. Did you watch it? Tivo it next week--- it was really funny-- and I actually liked several of the characters. Usually I feel like that can take a few weeks. This is a keeper. Ross and I died over the "cool-dad".... because.. well we're pretty sure it's Ross... in like 10 years. Yikes. Funny.

Community: on the other hand... not so funny. Bummer, because who doesn't like the soup guy? He was good--- the pretty girl was fine, but every other character made me watch mostly out of my left eye. (That's what happens when the acting is really annoying and my face starts to turn away like the tv stinks.)

SYTYCD- is it really on again? This show has always been at the top of my list--- but last season, something just wasn't right to me. Maybe I'm just soured from losing my Fantasy SYTYCD, but I didn't LOVE anyone. Especially the boys. None of them were quite enough boy for me. I think that was the problem. That and, I think there's a limit on how many seasons you can let your senses of sight and sound be offended by Mary Murphy.

Let's hope for more winners soon--

I love Fall. Even if it is still well over 100 degrees.


Memes said...

I couldn't agree more! Mercy was a total disappointment, Modern Family was a pleasant surprise and SYTYCD lost me last season...

brooke said...

even thought I didn't win SYTYCD can't give up! But, I do have to say sometimes the try-outs get a little bit the same with weirdo's and what nots.
I know almost all the shows you were talking about were new ones, but I really wish I had seen some BRAVO shows on that list. They never disappoint. And, the Hills starts on Tuesday...maybe you can try it!