Thursday, August 06, 2009

San Diego

This summer has been ON the move. I love it because it makes it feel like the end to this broiling heat might sneak up sooner than later. I can't remember if I've blogged about this. But Ross and his partners at Morgan Stanley have gotten the green-light to market in San Diego this summer. It almost makes it feel like my dream to move there is within reeeeaaaaach.... almost.
It's been so fun, since it doesn't take much to convince us to leave the triple digits and go hang at my mom's house. So here are the photos of last weekend at her house.... I figured I'd better squeeze in the post before we leave to head back later today!
So this post was written last Thursday morning, before we left for SD and BEFORE blogger locked me out of my blog under suspicion of SPAM! whuuuuuut???? I know. So I couldn't actually post. And now since then I got to spend a girl's weekend in downtown San Diego where I'm pretty sure I took all of.... one picture--- and I'm pretty sure that ONE picture was after we'd been laying by the pool which would mean we're all red and sweaty. Why is it so hard sometimes to take pictures on your OWN vacations?
The one-photo-vacation-post to come later.

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Lowdogg said...

Howdy Spammer.

Heath looks ripped and Ivy is so round!