Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Girl'sTrip... but mostly rambling

I've figured out that I sort of allot myself a certain amount of computer time a day. Too much I'm sure. But sometimes it's spent blogging. Sometimes editing photos. Sometimes looking at photo blogs and photo streams, lately? Design blogs. I think I have a disease. I get on a new one, and the time passes... and passes.... If Ross is out of town, I'm up 'till 1 looking and looking and looking....

I guess it's really because of my chairs right now. I'm really going to do it. It looks like it'll be pretty easy... but now, finding the fabric is eating me alive!!! (consuming me--- if that was too weird and literal). It just seems like one of those things where the right fabric could make a killer chair, and the wrong fabric .... well could just make an ugly thrift-store chair a little less ugly. I don't really want to waste my time for the latter.

Of course I've searched through Amy Butler and every other good fabric line I've been told about--- my problem is finding one that I love in an upholstery weight. Well that's one of my problems. My other problem is that I've looked at so MANY design blogs now and seen SO many upholstered chairs, I can't, for the life of me, pick a direction. Do I want a natural wood frame with a bold patterned fabric, or a bold colored frame with a more muted fabric? Do I want hot pink as my accent in there? Or yellow? or orange? And once I commit.... does that have to be my living room accent color? How long before I can change my mind and reupholster it again without everyone I know rolling their eyes at me? And how is poor Ross, who takes a while to adjust to change, supposed to feel settled with his crazy wife searching for change.

I just need to get pregnant. Then I'll be so exhausted being a mommy, growing a baby all day every day, and cleaning my house.... I certainly won't have time to search for new projects to decorate my house. Hmm. Something to think about.

Speaking of getting pregnant (which by the way, don't go suspecting if I look chubbier in a photo or something... I'm definitely NOT there yet) has anyone heard of this maternity insurance where you can make like 8 grand after you have your baby if you sign up for it at least a month or so before you conceive? A friend of mine is doing it. I think her brother in law sells it. And I'm pretty sure it's the real deal. Just figured I should share the info. Pretty sure we can all use 8 grand. (maybe when I tell you I bought some new insurance... THEN you can get suspicious of any new chub.)

So my life's updates? What the heck--

- went on girl's trip last weekend for Rachelle's birthday. With Lizzie and Rachelle. Both of them are pregnant, so it was the first time I've hung out with them and felt like they wanted to eat as often as I did. Decided I was meant to ALWAYS be friends with pregnant girls.

- Oh and on girl's trip? We ate, and shopped, and pedicured, and slept in, and layed out. All at the Hyatt downtown in San Diego where Lizzie got an $89 rate on priceline! SO fun.

- Thank you sweet husband for not only watching the girls so I could go, but taking them to Seaport Village, and the Wild Animal Park, and then dealing with them all day on Sunday like it wasn't no thang while you had meetings before and after church, and gave a TALK in Sacrament meeting. And then when I get home surprisingly early, I don't find you watching a movie with them like I would have been, but doing puzzles at the kitchen table while you made them waffles from scratch. true story folks.

-I'm obsessed with fabric for my first real fabricy project ever. Did I mention?

- Also obsessed with big random frame walls. Working on one over my couch where my mirror used to go. Thinking that might take a while. But maybe it's about time I get a photo I'm proud of up on my walls.

- Bought tickets for Florida. Going with my girls to see Lacy next week! No Ross. Let's hope I survive the 12+ hours of traveling. Yikes.

- Wondering every time I wash my hair and dry it, and end up with a huge blonde afro, if shortish hair was a mistake on me. THICK hair+ lots of bleach+ SHORT+ not enough layers - (that's a minus) a flat-iron on girls trip = dis-ISISIS- aster. Maybe that's why we only took three photos.

- Taking photos tonight and it's 100-and-some-teen degrees outside and HUMID. Yuck. I hope they don't sweat as much as I do.

- I make myself sound so lovely with all the afro and the appetite and the sweat don't I? That Ross, he's a lucky guy.

Here's the three photos from the girl's trip.

uh huh--- Lizzie packs her tanning goggles as to avoid the sun-glass-tan. I died. Hilarious.


Melissa said...

I just signed up for ALFAC insurance a couple months ago. They have the whole maternity thing. MINIMUM cash out is 3500 if you are on it 10 months before the baby is born. It's only 100 a month. It's pretty popular thing her in the baby birthing mecca. I say go for it. Whoe doesn't love extra money?

Lindsay Griffeth said...

Yeah for you and a girls trip. Sounds PERFECT to me, right about now!

brooke said...

I am dying over that picture of Lizzie...funniest thing ever. It made me so sad that I missed it all, and made me miss you girls. Its been too long since I was home!
As for getting pregnant...I think you should do it. Mila and Spohia are ready for something new.

Meg said...

Yikes, I never comment on your blog but I'm a looker so I thought I would. We've totally done hospital indemnity insurance with our babies. So have my sister in laws and it is seriously awesome. With my first I had a few different policies (from AFLAC and Time insurance). What it is is you buy a policy, pay a certain amount every month (usually around $150-$200) and then when you are admitted into the hospital they pay you a lump sum for being admitted and then a certain amount every day you are in. I have c-sections so I get more money for being in the hospital for more days. We honestly made $9,000 on our first. My second baby was born at 21 weeks and didn't make it, so I didn't make the 10 month mark for him but they paid us anyway because it was a complication to the pregnancy. I was there for less than 24 hours and they paid us $3000. Sorry this is so long... but it seriously works! It's a great thing I tell ya! If you have any other questions on it you can e-mail me at naturallymeg at

I'm recovering my dinning room chairs too and it's taking over my life finding fabric... glad I'm not the only one ;).

Sarie said...

You are hilarious. Every time I read your blogs... it's like having a conversation with you. So so funny.

The insurance thing sounds really interesting.

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

One word of advice: when you hang around with prego ladies, the chances of getting prego are higher. I am delighted. I love seeing your children. I love reading all about your pregnancies. Keep hanging out with Lizzie and Rachelle.

Hannah said...

Thanks for the tip on prego insurance (!).

I am doing my dining room chairs right now too. I go on and (make sure its in the "supplies" category) and then type in something like "red fabric" or whatever and you'll find a bajillion awesome fabrics. Not that it helps your problem, or your issue with computer time... but its awesome anyway. AND basic quilting cotton lasts (on something like chair upholstery) for an average of 3-5 years-- just enough time to get sick of the print and want to change it anyway. I say don't stress about finding the perfect upholstery fabric. Just find one you think will work and go with it. And the beauty is its not hard or expensive to change so you can laugh at those rolling their eyes ;-)

(ps Sorry to keep commenting when you don't know me, but again, I'm Ambyr Nielsen's sister and I just think your blog is awesome)

Jennifer said...

I just drove by the San Diego Hyatt today! It looks so amazing! Wow, what a great price on a room there. Was parking outrageous though? We stayed at the Sheraton near the airport and the marina. The kids loved it! San Diego is so fun.

S.A.S. said...

1 - Christy just told me about that insurance a bit ago. She knows all about it (her sisters have done it). Um, news that would have been useful YESTERDAY (though I'm up for it next time!)

2 - Can we go on a girls trip? Or maybe I'll head to Florida to crash the Lacy party:)

3 - Hi to the pretty girls at your knees!