Friday, August 21, 2009

Blogging from Florida

I Survived the flights! Yes I may have spent 130 bucks at Target the night before (to Ross' dismay... and disgust) on junk food and new trinkets to pull out of my bag of tricks. I didn't even waste room on healthy foods or expired toys... only the best for this adventure. I wasn't going to risk any MAJOR melt downs in Continental's tight quarters if I might possibly be able to bribe them away with a little high fructose corn syrup.

And guess what? It worked. For the most part, worth every penny. (Well Ross might disagree on the inside but since his outsides didn't have to endure 6 hours of airplane travel with two small children, he keeps that nice and quiet.)

And I didn't even dive into a few things... so MAYBE (we'll see after the flights home) I'll get to save a few things for the two birthdays in our house coming up. So what if a little milk spilled and then ripened in Barbie's hair before I noticed?

Now? Enjoying the balmy Florida weather and my poor nauseous sister and her LOVELY kids. We're swimming and eating and being awfully lazy. And I already got to see my friend Michelle that just so HAPPENED to move to the same town as my sis. It's wonderful.

On a different note, check out my new post on the photo-blog here. And then come to Palm Springs and stay in this hotel because it's .... SO. cool.


Sarie said...

I wish we were closer to you. It would be so cool. Have fun!

Brandon or Michelle said...

I would like to let everyone in on a little secret here. sure, brandon got into the school here and everything, but the MAIN reason I was okay with moving across the country was because it just HAPPENED to be in a place that I might see lillie just a little more often. it was like the stars alligned, you know?

Jeanette said...

How fun to visit your sister! It's been way too long since I ventured out east to visit my sister. I hope to do it again, it's so nice! Have lots of fun for me!