Sunday, August 30, 2009

The rest (I think- I'm not making any promises) of Florida.

I thought if I squeezed four in a collage and took away your option to pop-out maybe it wouldn't be so bad. (We forgot to try for one more the last morning Lace--- oh well!)

Below we tried out there new tart yogurt joint. There's is serve your own--- and those places are making a killing in this market because of people like me. Me--- the girl with the 13 oz yogurt (a serving is 4.) I have a problem with portion control. How dare they take advantage of my weaknesses for profit.

Oh but I must say, I love u-serve because you can get the kids like an ounce if you want. Everyone gets there own. Everyone's happy. My handsome nephew- a pro on this bike.
Ok and it just so happens that my friend Michelle from Freshman year at BYU Hawaii lives in Gainsville... so we got to play! I'm hoping it was fun for you Michelle, even though we teased you with fresh cookies but forgot to give you any, and my little bully, Mila attacked Annie, unprovoked... more than once. Hopefully the Popsicle (above) will sugar coat the memory for her. Miss you. Sorry I didn't have a better photo of us since you think you're posing funny and I have uhh... who knows what- all over my shirt. We're even.

Oh and um-- are you kidding with that girl's lips? I never realized how luscious they were 'till I saw her this time in person. Wow.

This was our trip to Lacy's natural history museum--- Sophia was too scared to go through most of it (I don't know what the deal is, but she's terrified of fake outside inside things (like fake thunder and skies and loud noises INdoors. I don't know. Fearless of REAL things mostly, but Snow White's Scary Adventures and the American Indian Exhibit... no way.
But the butterfly exhibit-- AMAZING. They land on your shoulder and flutter by your face with their BEAUTIFUL turquoise wings and you try to remember how beautiful they are when they get too close and you still instinctively swat and squeal like they're big ugly grasshoppers. Really though- lovely.
Miss miss miss missing my sweet sister, her funny husband, and smart-darling kids.


randy said...

Hi Lillie,
so,so,so, happy
you had a great time with lacy,
joe and millie, joeseph,mila and
sophia...missing you guys from and dad

Brandon or Michelle said...

way to capture the luscious lady lips (say that 3 times fast!) of annie girl. I love that she wouldn't give you an OUNCE of a smile. so sullen, that girl.

as for me, you already know I like nothing better than hanging out with you. I'm just thankful you would think to call me more than once during your special sister time. I loved every minute.

by the way, I looked at that one picture I had wondered about....different glasses, so you were right, it wasn't you at all. I know you could rock it though. even with flour on your shirt (just noticed it with this post!) you are a total babe. :)

good luck chair recovering and vacationing and the like!

Lowdogg said...

Not exactly my favorite picture of me, but the rest are pretty good.

missy said...

Oh to see you and Michelle together. So much fun (and M and I have only ever emailed).

Love sister time.

brooke said...

you look so skinny in those pictures, are you losing weight on me by the minute? It must just be a tart yogurt those work?
looks like you had fun.
maybe we can see eachother sometime again?