Friday, October 17, 2008


Going on a real live date tonight. Babysitter, hair done, and all. Date nights just feel so rare these days. So do hair-out-of-pony days. All in all it's a big night. Might even see a movie. Maybe we'll take a picture and I'll actually post one of my hair. Speaking of.... I like it now-- hooray! -- It faded a bunch and I've figured out where I can part it so the highlights are more subtle. By the time I get a picture of it, it will have faded so much you'll never believe my hair saga. But it was true. Bright and dark and red and true.

Happy Friday!


Lindsay Griffeth said...

I get a date night tomorrow night! Enjoy yours tonight!

Sarie said...

A date ? With your hair done ? That's romance after kids! Have so much fun.