Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas Decor, Nursery, and My Sista

Christmas at our house! It was 62 today... it actually feels a little like winter here lately! I love Christmas... and Christmas with a newborn?? What could be better?

So I think I'd seen so much pink for so long in Sophia's room... I just wasn't excited to do any pink this time around. So I didn't. And maybe I have a totally gender-neutral nursery, which I never thought I was into, but since it's the guest-room too, and since the green seemed so soothing to me (and what mother of a toddler couldn't use a soothing room?) we kept it VERY simple. I think I might do curtains and maybe some ribbon with her name to add a little more umph... but that's about it.

My sister, Melisa and my nephew, Heath came out this week to see Mila for the first time. They played with us Thursday and part of Friday which gave Sophia two great active park days with her cousin. It's been hard for me to figure out how to keep her busy now that we're not going to the gym where she loves the childcare-- and we're not really braving the errand running with two kids yet. It was great to have a built-in buddy that's as crazy as she is for those two days. :)

I thought I was past the point of needing Melisa's help-- "just wanted her company", I kept telling her, but when we actually loaded up and went to the park and I couldn't get Mila in the sling without Mel's help, forgot I'd have to sit down and feed her and therefore couldn't push Sophia in the swing she was demanding, and couldn't keep myself covered, even with the "Hooter Hider" because of the wind, I realized I'd been a little over-confident. So Melisa played super-aunt and ran around pretending to be Pirates with Heath and Sophia while I sat, disheveled, trying to pretend that I had mastered the nursing-in-public thing a long time ago with Sophia. Although clearly, I had not.
Thanks Mel.


snlbarney said...

I love all the Christmas flair! I also love the pics pf Sophia and Mila comparison -- they look VERY similar! That is the best, they will be the cute, fun sisters at school:) You guys seem to be doing great, little babies are the BEST!!

Kodi said...

Glad you had a fun couple of days. I love Mila's room, it looks great. I hear you with the overkill of pink (unfortunately I can't convince Kail). . . green is beautiful! I LOVE Sophia's pink converse too, so cute! We're FINALLY feeling better so we'll have to catch up next week.

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

I love the "soothing room" idea. She has plenty of time to overdose on pink. I am impressed-either Ross did most of the decorating, in which he did really well OR you did it, which I am amazed at what you could do under the circumstances. Either way, pretty impressive.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

I just think everything you do, say, decorate, and basically ARE is gorgeous. I love the tree, and that beautiful vase of flowers on the table! and mila's room is FANTASTIC, complete with a bed to crash in if you're too tired at 3am to head all the way back to your room. (who knew 22 steps would be so taxing!?)

yeah, nursing in public? I'm ridiculous at it too...if it weren't for the 2 "latch on" seconds, everything would be fine...sigh. thank heavens for sister mel. i hope you had a relaxing, wonderful time with her.

you're the best! peace.

Lacy said...

Your tree really is beautiful! How fun that you are experiencing some cooler weather and can layer a little bit. The past couple of days have been in the mid 80's out here - a gorgeous summer day anywhere else. Melisa really is amazing- I'm so glad that she could come and help entertain Sophia for a few days! Love ya!

Erin Marriott said...

How nice of Melisa to come and help! I think you are juggling both kids extremely well, and pretty soon everything will be a piece of cake. I love your tree, and I got so excited when I saw FOUR stockings! It's like reality sets in when you see that!

CresceNet said...
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Lindsay & Weston said...

Your tree is beautiful! Every time you post pictures of your house it makes me want to redecorate mine to look just like yours. :)

Hooray for sisters.

I haven't mastered the nursing in public thing either. Nate hates something over his head so I avoid it at all costs! Glad it's cooling off for you. We finally hit the 60's too and it's wonderful.

Rebecca said...

Lillie- It all looks so wonderful. Your tree is stunning, the nursery is the kind I'd like to create. Your tales of needing your sister made me love families and made me happy for the not-too-distant future when you realize you can do it all.

Becky Freestone said...

the hooter hider, that is really funny. i want one of those one day. i am sure you are going to be an awesome mother of two. the nursery is adorable. love the colors.

S.A.S. said...

already busting around to the park, the three biesinger girls. why am i not surprised?
good for you lillie. the tree looks professional (will you come decorate when i have a house??), the park with melissa sounded like a great adventure, and i just love watching your family/home grow.
green nursery: big fan.
hooter hider: laughed SO hard when i heard the name at rebecca's shower.