Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Thanks pinterest for our little ideas.   They did my little interviews completely independent of each other and didn't know the other's answers.  I love how many are the same. He's a basketball watching, cross-fit obsessed, water drinking, kind and playful giant.  They're pretty spot on.

Father's Day weekend for us meant:

- Nana and Grandpa took the girls to Orange County on Saturday to play with their cousins for the day, so we had a babysitter stay with Finn while he napped and Ross and I took a vacation day at a nearby hotel pool.  Ahhh... that's when this desert heat doesn't seem so bad.
- we did breakfast in bed for Ross of course.  And it wouldn't have been the same had I actually used the powdered sugar for his french toast and not accidentally corn starch.  It's true.  He ate his whole plate before he came downstairs and said... "that was delicous.... buuuut.... that wasn't powdered sugar." huh? I looked a the box I'd been sifting from.... 100% pure corn starch.  As if it was rubbing my insane mistake in my face.  Luckily he likes a good story.
- Blue cheese crusted steak for dinner.  All in all, a more successful meal than breakfast.  Which isn't saying much I guess.  But it was good.  Any red meat with blue cheese is a hit with me.

Did I mention I covered our father's day french toast in corn starch?  Best father's day ever.  

Thursday, June 07, 2012

17 Months

This  one below makes me laugh.  Good MORNING sunshine.

 Dear Finn,

This last one is so YOU right now. You're so tactile and snuggly and addicted to your comforts.  With Sophia, since she was first, that stressed me out a little.  Always thinking of the big break-ups that will have to happen some day.  This time I kind of love it.  Whatever makes you happy, you know?  I mean let's be honest.  You'll need braces some day anyway.  And you certainly won't want to drag a floral blanket around forever.

  In this one above, you have one binky in your mouth, one in your hand for back-up, and you're trying to get your favorite blanket out of the crib.  You'll throw that thing down on the ground anywhere and snuggle up on it, one cheek burrowing into the soft side, arms tucked in at your sides, bum in the air.  I'd better get a good shot of that.  I know it won't last forever.

You're 17 months and you feel like such a real-- little person these days.  So much personality and humor and attitude.  You love your daddy and meet him at the garage door when he gets home, yelling "Dada! Dada!" with so much excitement your whole body shakes.  I think it's his favorite part of the day.  He looks like such a proud papa when he picks up his big, beefy, boy.

You still take two naps a day but I think you might be right on the edge of transitioning to the one.... just in time for summer.  We're gonna need more time to go have fun.  Your sisters have high expectations for this one. :/ I might need some serious help and decent behavior from you.

Speaking of which... sometimes you can be a serious handful.  I think your teeth are sharper or bigger than the girls' were or something, because teething seems to feel like ... well, exactly what it is-- on you.  Like you've got something ripping through your skin.  You get GRUMPY.  Also, you like to throw toys at people right now.  And mostly you aim for the head.  I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on this one because otherwise we're going to lose all of our friends here very soon.

You go through phases when you must be growing or something where you'll take a four hour nap and then another 2 hour nap and still go to bed a couple of hours later at 7:30 and sleep 'till 7.  Then after a week of that you'll switch to extra short naps.  You like to keep me guessing.  But mostly, you sleep great.

You love to have your finger nails clipped and your feet rubbed and small toy cars driven over your shoulders and head.  You get super still and smile and allow only your eyeballs to move left and right.  It's amazing.  You just love affection.  I LOVE that you love affection.  Occasionally you'll sit still on my lap for a minute, when I lean back so that you sink in and realize it's cozy.  I love that minute where I can smother my nose into those mysterious copper-colored curls on the back of your head.  I could live there.

You are so adored-- and we will do all we can to put the best parts of the world at your fingertips and keep the worst parts far far away.

Love you so much sweet boy,

Monday, June 04, 2012

After today--- three more days of school!

The triple digit temperatures have always made me absolutely dread summer.  We plan as many weekends away as possible and I feel like I'm counting down every day.  We've been out here for over 9 years... since just after we got married.  And for the most part... they haven't gotten easier to bare.  UNTIL.... Sophia started kinder last year.  I was shocked to find myself thrilled for the end of the year. No more homework or schedule carpools.  Just a whole lot of Sophia in her jammies as long as the rest of us.  It was wonderful.

After a year of first grade, where she's not home 'till after three (!) I'm even MORE thrilled for summer.  The freedom in our schedule and extra time to be creative and/or lazy instead of our daily routine.... I think it'll be a good one.  Memorial weekend (above) was just a tiny taste.  Three more days!!

Friday, June 01, 2012