Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Thanks pinterest for our little ideas.   They did my little interviews completely independent of each other and didn't know the other's answers.  I love how many are the same. He's a basketball watching, cross-fit obsessed, water drinking, kind and playful giant.  They're pretty spot on.

Father's Day weekend for us meant:

- Nana and Grandpa took the girls to Orange County on Saturday to play with their cousins for the day, so we had a babysitter stay with Finn while he napped and Ross and I took a vacation day at a nearby hotel pool.  Ahhh... that's when this desert heat doesn't seem so bad.
- we did breakfast in bed for Ross of course.  And it wouldn't have been the same had I actually used the powdered sugar for his french toast and not accidentally corn starch.  It's true.  He ate his whole plate before he came downstairs and said... "that was delicous.... buuuut.... that wasn't powdered sugar." huh? I looked a the box I'd been sifting from.... 100% pure corn starch.  As if it was rubbing my insane mistake in my face.  Luckily he likes a good story.
- Blue cheese crusted steak for dinner.  All in all, a more successful meal than breakfast.  Which isn't saying much I guess.  But it was good.  Any red meat with blue cheese is a hit with me.

Did I mention I covered our father's day french toast in corn starch?  Best father's day ever.  


kerwin said...

I love it. Good to know corn starch and powdered sugar are not interchangeable. Here's my tip for you: when your icebox pie calls for 8 egg yolks, do NOT get things twisted in your mind and use 8 egg whites. Also not interchangeable. Luckily, my husband and Ross seem to be cut from similar, culinarily forgiving, cloths.

Christin said...

Looks like the girls NAILED cross fit. (; I'm glad I'm not the only one who botches food.

*ehu. said...

Oh my gosh, I can't stop laughing about the corn starch!!!! Too funny!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is the sweetest idea ever! And I love the pictures...your family is so sweet!