Monday, June 04, 2012

After today--- three more days of school!

The triple digit temperatures have always made me absolutely dread summer.  We plan as many weekends away as possible and I feel like I'm counting down every day.  We've been out here for over 9 years... since just after we got married.  And for the most part... they haven't gotten easier to bare.  UNTIL.... Sophia started kinder last year.  I was shocked to find myself thrilled for the end of the year. No more homework or schedule carpools.  Just a whole lot of Sophia in her jammies as long as the rest of us.  It was wonderful.

After a year of first grade, where she's not home 'till after three (!) I'm even MORE thrilled for summer.  The freedom in our schedule and extra time to be creative and/or lazy instead of our daily routine.... I think it'll be a good one.  Memorial weekend (above) was just a tiny taste.  Three more days!!


Amanda & Ji said...

Hi i found your blog through 6th Street Design and I love your style! Your family room and girl's room are my faves! Can you please share where you got the purple flower print that is hanging on the wall as well as the gorgeous pink round picture frame? Oh and the pillows on the bed? Thanks so much! =)

Karen said...

Ditto above...found your blog on 6th Street your style!

I also used to live out there in Palm Desert and LOVE it so place on the earth. BUT I hear ya on the triple digits for the summer months. It's rough. But those purple mountains, blue skies and palm trees...yum!