Monday, April 02, 2012

Unsuspecting Southwest passengers, here we come.

Had to unload some random photos off of my memory cards before we leave for Florida tomorrow!  And found this one I thought was sweet.  A relatively usual look.... old tears on Finn's face from falling off of something or whacking his head on a corner or having Mila take her toy back or not getting the right food on his tray fast enough or having to have his diaper changed....... the list goes on.  It's hard being 1.

On another note, off to see my sister in Florida! Terrified to take this little guy on the flight tomorrow... but so excited for every moment after that.  Two lay-overs, no seat for Finn, a total of ... I don't know... like seven hours of traveling?  I feel like we're preparing to run a marathon.  Right down to the carb-loading..... if cookies count.... maybe that's called stress eating.

Wish us luck.  And Happy Spring Break!


S.A.S. said...

I wish you luck! And an extra leg of a flight to get to DC:) Hug that beautiful sister of yours for me, and have a blast. Miss/love you. xo

Lindsay Griffeth said...

I have to say that there was almost a sigh of relief when Ryan turned TWO because I now HAD to buy him a seat instead of enduring a flight across the country with him on my lap JUST to save money. :)

My fingers are crossed for you. Have a fabulous week with your sister!