Thursday, April 12, 2012

March in Instagrams

So we just got back from Florida, where we went for a week to visit my lovely sister, Lacy and her family.  My girls have been talking about it for months, I've been dreaming about the time with family and waking up in cold-sweats imagining the hours of travel with Finn.  We survived the travel... and we soaked up our sweet loved-ones as best as we could... SO sad to see it end.

I hooked up my phone to get the pictures from the trip and started feeling the OOOPA.  (Out-of-order-posting anxiety.  It's a real thing.  For me.)

So before I could post our fabulous wanderings around Gainesville (mostly documented through my trusty iphone-- I feel like I'm cheating on my nice camera but sometimes convenience just has to win you know?)... anyway--- before I could post those.... had to squeeze in our March.  Looks kind of uneventful.  But I'm convinced that 70-yeard-old me won't think so.  Hmmm.... what did we do......

- Lots of bike/scooter- ing on these beautiful spring evenings
- Giggled a little at the bum crack that we cannot keep covered on Mila... I've tried everything I tell you.
- Watched Finn make silly-squishy faces in the window
- Searched for ladybugs
- Ate lots of greek yogurt with dates/honey/walnuts... a favorite around here
- Enjoyed reading-time on a backyard blanket
- And on the couch
- Fresh flowers
- and the Lorax
- Watched Finn be generally, insanely cute because a wabbly waddling 15-month-old with a huge belly, strawberry-red hair, and a bunch of teeth to growl through is insane.
- Celebrated with Sophia after she lost her first TOOTH! (lost while the poor things was throwing up with a horrible flu.)
- Had a date-night to the Tennis Tournament which was awesome...
- Continued to let Mila choose her own clothes despite the result.
- Had Nana & Grandpa B time!
- And snuggled ... and snuggled.... wore silly glasses.... and snuggled.

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