Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Letters to Santa

Dear Santa, What I want
for Christmas is a big
monster truck and my own
phone, and I want a doggy
with a leash, and my own
Jessie doll. And I want
a bike, please.
Sophia B. (and a picture of a phone with her name on it--- just to make sure he got it.)

A monster truck? Who knew? And a phone? Poor girl... it's going to be a LONG time before Santa agrees to that one.

Here's Mila's, she told me what she wanted to write and I wrote each word on another sheet of paper for her to look at. This was the result:

Dear Santa, please bring a doggy and a scooter.

And clearly after watching them write those, with so much intent.... mine:

Dear Santa,
Please keep them little forever.


Sally P-G said...

I love the picture of the iPhone. I took a double take at first and then realized what it was. Too funny :)

Missy said...

So..will Santa be bringing them a dog?!