Wednesday, November 16, 2011

There's no place like home

- These are my new red flats. They were on sale at J. Crew. Pay no attention to what looks like an abnormal gap between the little toes on my left foot. That's weird. It's sad that it's sort of a big deal for me since I am almost always in running shoes, or flip flops.

- Mila has strep, poor thing--- so we have been stuck at home for the last couple of days. She turns 4 on Saturday and I just keep counting down the days till she's 4 1/2, which is when I swear Sophia's behavior switched over to AMAZING. Mila's tough right now. Have I mentioned it? Knocking on wood that she (in all her glorious differences) might follow suit on that little calendar item.

- Ross's parents are moving to the desert!!!!!! His dad got a job here a while ago, that was recently made more permanent, and I am constantly lost in daydreams about what it'll be like to live so close to family. SOOOO excited!

- I loved the Twilight books so much... I wish I was more excited for the new movie. I wish I could have picked the cast. I mean, that's all I ask. Just can't get used to Kristin Stewart and how she always looks ticked off... and maybe high.

- Been busy taking pictures lately. Had a mishap with my 50mm and am having it repaired, so I rented the 35mm 1.4..... THAT's been fun. What a lovely lens.

- Baking way too much bread, and cookies, and nightly pizookies. Fall is here and baked goods just feel soooo gooooood.....

- Speaking of baked goods.... I need to make a yummy dessert for our big family Thanksgiving... anyone have a recipe that's to die for?


Kym said...

Love your shoes. I'm sending you an e-mail right now with a couple of my favorite Thanksgiving desserts. I hope you like pumpkin. :)

Brandon or Michelle said...

I'm looking to shop for clothes for family pictures this weekend. I keep trying to ask, "what would lillie wear?"
as If I can pull off skinny jeans and bright red flats. you go girl.

Lindsay Griffeth said...

I got a pair of bright red flats last year and they are still one of my favorite pairs. You'll love them.

My fingers are crossed for 4 1/2, too! :)

Lowdogg said...

You should know that bright red shoes should never be worn after halloween or the indonesian new year.

The Hepworths said...

oh my gosh why does kristen stewart bug me so so so bad!? i can BARELY watch the movies because i really can't stand her and her perma annoyed face. on another note, i'll email you some of my favorite thanksgiving treats...i have few good ones:) and the shoes are super cute. i miss you lillie!!

Ainsley said...

loved that jcrew sale! i almost bought those same shoes is grey... but the feel of the rubber made me nervous so i bought a dress instead. one reason i love living here, best sales.