Sunday, November 06, 2011


And just because we were in the mood for braids.

I keep waiting to post their Halloween "costumes" because I never got a photo of Finn in his cow costume and I keep thinking I'll throw it back on for one.

And I keep not getting around to it. Where did all the time in our lives go?

So here are the girls before the school boo-bash. Sophia was set on being a pirate for months before Halloween... Mila debated between all of the princesses ... and Strawberry Shortcake... She ended up wearing the braid to the boo-bash, an Indian dress out of the dress-up basket for her school party, and Strawberry for trick-or treating. Why not?

So originally she'd decided on Strawberry Shortcake. We ordered the costume and she wore it non-stop for a couple of days, after which the leggings were full of holes and the wig was a frizzy mess. She assured me she didn't care (since she still wanted to play in them) and then just before Halloween, I made her this Rapunzel braid out of yarn. A friend taught a group of us how to make them, and I figured the girls would love it for dress-up... but as soon as she saw it, she was done with Strawberry and on to Rapunzel. Even if it meant that she had to wear a normal purple dress out of the closet.

Hence Mila's "costume" above.

This was the first year where I just let them pick whatever they wanted and didn't try to sway them my way. It was so liberating! No attempts to make their costumes (the braid was an accident) or pressure to be creative or base them around some cute tutu. As much 30 dollar cheep polyester as they wanted.

Then they collected candy to their heart's content just to bag up and freeze slash throw away. I wonder what year they'll start noticing that?


Karley said...

Ha Ha! Austin and Riley were a pirate and Rapunzel too! So funny!

Missy said...

Lillie, you better include a tutorial for how to make such a braid. Or email me. My girls will flip like Christmas morning. Or maybe I will make it a present for Christmas morning..

kerwin said...

Ok, years later this rapunzel braid has stuck with me as one of the cutest things ever. Now I have a toddler that is rapunzel obsessed and NEED to make this braid. Any direction is greatly appreciated!