Sunday, October 09, 2011


I read this quote a while back on my sister, Lacy's blog. It's not short or sweet or catchy. It wouldn't look that good painted on wood or framed in an etsy shop. It's one you really have to read. And then read again when your three-year-old is full of crazy and your 9-month old is waking up at night and you need reminding that it's THROUGH the sacrifice that you really find happiness. I guess it just really resonated with me. I believe it so whole-heartedly. And it scares me that the world sends such a different message.

“The family by its very nature is an institution based upon righteous self-denial and sacrifice. It is not an individualistic or self-centered organization, but a highly cooperative and other-centered institution. Successful families require that men and women make substantial and long-term sacrifices of their time, money, and personal fulfillment in order to dedicate their efforts to rearing the next generation. Selfishness in any form or degree weakens the bonds that hold families together. The rise of selfishness in our society is the fundamental underlying trend that undermines families and makes successful marriages so difficult. Many today find it irrational to devote so much time and energy to the welfare of the next generation, but if this commitment is not deeply rooted in society, civilization will decline and perish, while children grow up in a moral wasteland, confused, unguided, and unloved.

“Moreover, the sacrifices that fathers and mothers make for their children ultimately will result in the greatest possible happiness for those making the sacrifices. In all of human experience, there are no joys more tender, no love more sweet, no fulfillment higher than that found in the family. Those who honor the calling of righteous parenthood will find their souls refined, their hearts purified, and their minds enlightened by the most important lessons of life. They will rise to far greater heights of happiness than those who engage in the narrow and ultimately unsatisfying pursuit of self.”

Bruce D. Porter, "Defending the family in a troubled world",
The Ensign, June 2011.

(I want to be sure and express my compassion and understanding: I know that not everyone is able to have a family and I have witnessed some amazing women give so much of themselves and sacrifice for the people around them. This quote meant a lot to ME because I have three small children.)


Larinda said...

Oh my goodness! Stealing but giving you props!!!

Larinda said...

...I hope that's okay! Your blog is alway's like a special treat. Like there's "blogs" AND THEN THERE'S "Lillie's Blog"!!! :-) said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing as this is always something that we need to check in our lives. Love you and your striving to always do and be better.

Lynne said...

I'm a never-commenting-friend-of-a-friend, but for that post, I will come out of the blog stalking closet. THANK YOU for that today.

Tiffany said...

Love love LOVE this, Lillie! Thanks so much for sharing. What an awesome reminder of what's really important, especially on days when our little ones exhaust and frustrate us with their ever-changing phases. This might be one I enlarge, print out and try really hard to memorize! Thanks again so much for sharing such fabulous insight. Miss you guys.

Brandon or Michelle said...

amazing. a good reminder that there are many of us out there, trying the best we can. how to describe how worth it it is to someone who hasn't experienced it is impossible. but this quote comes pretty close. :) thanks to you and lacy too.