Monday, October 24, 2011

A new baby

I think the yawn is almost as important to capture as the first smiles. So perfectly baby. More of Van on the other blog.

I know I'm late to the obsession.... but ... umm... pinterest? I GET it now. Here's mine in case you want to be pinning buddies and share pretty pictures. It's like a visual feast... inspiration in whatever area you need! Too addicting.. and too likely to make me try lots of new cookie recipes. But maybe all of the inspirational images of insanely ripped and toned women will counteract the cookies and it will aaaaalllll work itself out...

If not, I'll just search for some silly quote on the dilemma that's sure to make me feel validated and all better.

No but really. And such a fun way to organize all the photos that were piling up in my hard-drive under home-decor inspiration that I could never trace back to the original source and then I was all-worried I'd have people mad if I posted them without the whole "via" thing.

Ahhh... and now it's all done for me with a simple little pin. Loving it.


S.A.S. said...

Consider yourself my introduction - I didn't get it, or know what it was til I saw it on your site. I had to ask a mom at the park about it yesterday to even get what it was! How great-grandma am I? My friend sent me an 'invitation', so maybe I'll start posting pictures of sweets and people exercising to get my life in balance too:)

Home One Zero One said...

I recently just signed up for Pinterest. I barely accomplished anything today except pinning ;) It is completely addicting.
Beautiful photo - as always!

Jill.Ben.Betty said...

We just painted & I searched for my perfect color for months. Ended up on Behr Silver Drop & I love it. Looks fabulous w/our white trim.