Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A lil' bit of heaven- just yards from my house.

So yet another set of more pictures than anyone cares to see: an afternoon spent on the lake at the Christians house last Friday ...(Thank goodness for nice, nice people with boats and water to share in this heat!). Cort, Brigham, and Ross got to practice their skills on the wake skate, and board, while a very ripe and pregnant Shalaine, (one of the cutest pregnant women I've known), a moderately pregnant me, and a 2 month post- prego Jenn, enjoyed the very hot breeze on our faces from the boat. My little girl loved the ride and was the mellowest Sophia I've seen in some time. I think the triple-digit-heat, mixed with the hum of the boat, and the hot wind forcing her to close her eyes, made for a sort of a hypnotic state. I just relished in the fact that she was letting me hold her for such an extended period of time.

But all "hottest-place-in-the-world humor" aside, being on that lake when the sun sets, with the silhouette of the palm trees and the mountains in the distance, with some fun friends and my sweet family---really does give me reason to love this place. I mean it really can be gorgeous.


LAUREN said...

So yet another stalker/first time commenter. Sorry. :) Looks like a TOTAL BLAST! How fun and you look great. I love all of the great pictures that you capture. The silhouette of the palm trees and mountains sound gorgeous.

Lindsay & Weston said...

See, desert life isn't that bad, right? :)

I'm definitely jealous of your little lake so close to your home. Looks like you had a great time and the sunset with the palm trees is gorgeous.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

Hey lillie. Always love to see pictures of your adventures. helps me pretend I'm there with you. How great to have fun friends to do things with, and that are all in the prego/post prego state..you can ban together! :)

Looked like a really lovely night. glad I could just look and not have to feel the three-digit temps.

Amy: said...

Those are cute pictures- I was just thinking- I wonder how Lillie is? so I looked at your blog- not the whole thing though- that's funny about sophia being calm in the boat. You guys are so lucky you have such good friends! And Sophia is so cute!

Shalaine said...

I MADE THE BLOG!!!! YEAH!!!!! I feel so special! And people I don't even know called me a "fun" and a "great" friend. This is definately the highlight of my week. And thank you for saying I look cute, because cute is the last thing this "ripe" mommy is feeling! I love all the pics too. I'll have to tell Cort to check out the blog to see that sweet pic of him on the wake board. We just won't tell anyone he fell right after that. Oops. Just did.

Missy said...

Two things I love: being able to see a tiny bit of a pregnant belly on you and seeing Sophia's toddler tummy peek through her tankini. So, so cute.

Hey, Devin is working out there again. Can I invite myself for a day?

Sarah said...

Now THIS is what I miss about the West Coast. I remember so many days on the lake with the neighbor boys - watching them on the wakeboard and getting taunted when it was my turn. It looks like the perfect day of family fun Lil, with you and Ross and Sophie all sunkissed. So nice of your 'great' friends to let you play with them, though you guys are fun enough to definitely want to drag pretty much anywhere.
Love you!

ps - remember when we actually TALKED? that was a big deal... or am i imagining it?