Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A post from Marco Island

Funny expressions, but two gorgeous people on a gorgeous night on the beach right outside our condo.

Our most appreciated hosts! Their whole lovely family of...yes four.

Sophia opening her "birthday presents" from Lacy and Joe at Joseph's birthday party.

THIS is baby Millie. I love her.

Ross and Sophia running to the water as fast as they can to go swimming. :)

After sneaking in to the neighboring Marriott's pool.

Does it really need a caption?

So perhaps one quick update from Marco Island won't lead anyone to believe I'm having less fun than I am, just because I'm still taking time for a post. The boys went to reserve a boat for tomorrow, the kids are napping, and Lacy's hanging with Millie, so I thought it was a good time to escape to the "common room" for a little cyber-time. Plus, I have of course taken a million pictures and thought I may as well share a couple or I'm never going to get them all in once I get home.

Marco Island is more beautiful than Lacy described... we've seen fantastic thunder and lightening storms, clear gorgeous blue skies, puffy white clouds, sparkling, WARM water, an insane amount of shells on the the beach, lizards, fish, dolphins, and so many different breeds of palm trees and plant-life we would never see in the desert. Sophia has loved every second; waking up to her cousin Joseph and all his great toys, and spending the rest of the day either in the pool or the bath-like ocean like the fish that she is. It's been perfect. Just enough stormy mornings to feel justified in a bit of lounging, but mostly, perfect vacation weather to keep sun-screened, and suited up all day long... which really is the point of a vacation as far as I'm concerned.


Lindsay & Weston said...

I so need a vacation like the one you are on right now! You guys look like you are having absolutely the best time. And, I'm sure you are, since you're with your wonderful sister who you don't get to see nearly enough. I was excited to see a post & love the pictures. What a great place for a vacation.

Lizzie said...

Cute pictures and your vacation sounds so nice. Has Sophie been sleeping in? Millie is sooo pretty. Please tell Laci for me. Have fun. What time to pick you up on Fri?

Rebecca said...

I LOVE babies with tan lines. can't wait to see more.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

Lillie, you have IDEAL MOMENTS in your life more frequently than the rest of us. or maybe you're just a fabulous narrative writer..or probably both.

It sounds fantastic. I'm glad that you can not only be in a beautiful place, but that you can be with beautiful girls, I'm so excited!

Some great shots look fabulous at 23 weeks..I would never know by the pictures that baby#2 is on the way.

can't wait for you to get back and tell us more! but in the meantime, have the best couple of more days, while the rest of us google earth you and sigh...

Missy said...

Lillie, how cute are you? I love your new blog look (I haven't been online for a while...). And the music? I might be visiting your blog more often just to listen.

Looks like you are having SO much fun. Vacations are my favorite thing ever! I can't wait for more updates.

S.A.S. said...

Lil, Missy and I were thinking of you too - we checked your blog together while she was here (your new header and jukebox were a hit. Your trip looks amazing! Not only do I envy all of these families who gather on beaches (both coasts), but love that they keep expanding and growing up. It's so fun to see Lacy with TWO kids (still can NOT believe you're on your way to your second!!). I bet Joseph and Sophia had a great time together.. and who wouldn't want to cuddle baby Millie?

I'm so glad you're back safe and sound, with your sanity in tact after the 11.5 hr journey (3 layovers, wow.). And I can't even tell your prego (maybe it's because your pics are waist up, or maybe it's because you're nose stays skinny). Can't wait to see more!!