Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween 2012!

 Halloween 2012.  Dorothy and the Wicked Witch.  Waldo, Wenda, and obviously.... the biggest, scariest, meanest Hulk you've ever seen.  It was a fun one.  Finn is at such a fun and ADORABLE age and LOVED every bit of the celebrations.  He walked the whole neighborhood last night, never complained, and never wanted to get in the stroller.  His little buns have got to be burning today.  
He insisted on carrying his bucket (by it's side almost) the whole time and left a trail of candy every time we weren't looking.  He's full of moments I wish I could freeze right now.  I'm always just so grateful I have Ross so that one other person can be as obsessed with him as me so I can talk about all of the cute things he does all day long if I want. 

I'm having a moment with my family.  I just feel so blessed.  These kids are rock stars.  And even though we still have a few 90 degree days ahead of us, the holidays are here and it feels oh so gooooooood.


The Hepworths said...

Love these costumes and LOVE that little man of yours? Could he be any cuter? Definitely the most adorable Hulk I've ever seen!

mWm said...

i had red glitter shoes for Samma and then she outgrew her Dorothy romper before she could even wear it! your kids are, as always, adorable!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Ah Lillie, I am so upset that your blog hasn't been coming up on my feed... I've missed it!! And what a treat to read this post first - your little angels are just so adorable and I cannot believe how Finn has grown!!
Enjoy these special moments x