Wednesday, October 03, 2012

A Weekend in SF with the toughest mudder I know

Thanks to my sister in law, Tere, my parents, and Ross's parents... our kids had a fabulous weekend while weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... wandered San Francisco with nothing more than my purse in tow.

- Ross did the Tough Mudder with a bunch of guy friends... He swam in mud and bashed up his shins and grunted and yelled a lot (I have video to prove it) .... while I shopped.  Next time I'm in Ross. For real this time.
- We got to stay with GREAT old friends Tyler and Ambyr for a night and enjoy their most darling home/neighborhood/family.
- We visited the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts where Ross took me back when we were dating and I waited for him to drop the LOVE bomb.  He didn't that night... so he told me lots this time.
- We ate and ate and ate.  But I wish we could have fit many more a meal in.
- And slept in 'till a ridiculous hour each morning thanks to hotel black out shades (or I did while Ross read or ran in crazy mad-man races.)
- We walked and talked and dreamt of what it would have been like to live the city life before we started our family.  But then that got us thinking of our family and all we wanted to do was look at pictures of our kids and kiss the screen and forget about the city and get home.

The perfect ending.


Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Such awesome pics and sounds like a great weekend!
My husband is doing the tough mudder in London in November x

mWm said...

fun! i am so ready for boots and sweater weather and i love yours (especially those boots!)