Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Still SO missing normalcy

I just keep wondering when I'll get back in the swing of things. As in love as I am with the new house, our little construction zone inside has put quite a damper on things, (I'm hoping they'll be done with it by the end of next week-- silver lining: we're getting more tile in the entry where we had a ton of carpet... as a little compensation.) We haven't found a good spot for our dying computer (it has to be plugged in at all times with a tube of desitin propped under the chord to keep it tight.) We can't seem to get Sophia to bed until after 8 here which means our nights seem to get shorter and shorter, which means, less blogging. And of course we can't seem to get healthy. So we're finishing up our antibiotics, getting over strep just fine, when I wake up yesterday morning at 3 am to stick my head in the toilet bowl.... only to repeat every 30 min to an hour until 7 pm last night. The worst part about it, Ross flew to Newark yesterday morning for work so I was alone. Luckily, Kodi took Sophia for a couple of hours again (I know I know, do YOU have friends like that? You should go get you some.) And my dad came over after work, cleaned my messy kitchen, entertained Sophia for that last hour of her day, and watched American Idol with me after the girls went down. It pays to have family move close by. Now we just have to convince them to stay as the temperature rises.

So then last night, Sophia came in my bed at 2 am saying she was sick, threw up a tiny bit in the toilet (she kept running back and forth sticking her head in the bowl, I think she had taken some notes from me.) She's definitely a little off, but we're going to see if we can't get loaded up and drive to San Diego today (as was our plan yesterday). Big empty houses at night are not my thing and Ross is gone through Friday.

Pretty sure I'm all over the place, don't really have time to proof-read, just feeling the need for an update.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Looking Up

Reasons why I found myself humming some ridiculously happy song from Enchanted today:

-I can talk to Ross without him straining to hold in a laugh (the whole golf-balls-in-your-throat thing? Turns out it doesn't sound very sexy. Sounds a little more like 500 pounds of woman.)
-I can drink water. Lots. Yum. We finally have a grown up side-by-side fridge with the water in the door. It's been one of those little things you didn't know could make you sooooo happy. Strep took away all the fun.
-I can eat--which means I have things to look forward to! I don't know if I realized how much of my happiness lies in 9:30 icecream.
- I can swallow, that dang useless swallow that you never realize your body demands ever .4 seconds until you're swallowing your cheese grater. Or so it seems.
- I can repeat back Sophia's comments, that if aren't repeated, (as to assure her she is understood) end in FURIOUS fits. (On a normal day: "I see a tee." oh really? "I see a tee." what color is it? "I SEE A TEE." is it a palm tree? I SEE A TEE!!! I SEE A TEE! I SEE A TEE!! repeat repeat with screams and cries until she quiets enough to hear me "You see a tree?" "Yeah I see a tree" with glee. Go figure. So you can image the disaster when she couldn't understanding MY speech.
- Greys Anatomy, Lost, and the Office are on tonight. Which brings me to goodbye.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Panera at the Park

The miserable heat has yet to hit, and our nights are amazing. This was our family date on Friday night... one of those nights where you look around and think, how is it fair that I'm THIS happy? Could life get any better? Two happy girls, one super cute husband, great weather, a half Fuji Apple Chicken Salad and a half Fontega Chicken sandwich.... and a whole bunch of the best crusty bread ever. I mean what could be better?
And then that night your daughter crawls in bed at 3 am followed by hours of vomiting, fever, and strep throat, and then ...she gives it to you. (Hear in your head that sound a record makes when it's stopped abruptly), and then you forget how good you have it and wonder how OH HOW this 2 year old is now running and laughing just two days later when you are certain, QUITE certain, that you're going to die from the pain. And so you post a happy post to remind you of how you normally feel. Life is good. Hopefully tomorrow it will feel that way.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sad day

Sophia has strep throat. I've always thought that strep-throat and throwing up were two of the most awful of life's experiences. And my poor, helpless, little 2 year old suffered both in our bed all night long last night. It was awful. We didn't know she had strep 'till Ross took her to Urgent Care today. We just knew she was burning up, and obviously super uncomfortable and starting early this morning, throwing up like every 20 minutes, regardless of her obvious best efforts to keep it in. (I thought of you, Sarah, how you'd rather suffer the nausea than let it out.) That was my little Sophi-bug. "Do you have to throw up?" and she'd shake her head no, holding her mouth, trying not to let herself cough. Is this too many details? It was just one of the most heartbreaking mommy-moments... or mommy days, yet. She was just so horrified every time she had to go through it again. And there's no way to take it away. Awful.

So she and Ross are asleep upstairs right now, VERY out of the ordinary for us. We've never had success with the whole "bring her in bed, it will be kind of fun, cuddling with our little girl" thing. She ends up wanting pancakes or jelly beans or the park at like 2 am. And clobbering both of us until we give up on the idea of sleep and let her be the queen of the world. Who are we kidding? Like we're ever in charge.

It's hard to blog these days. I'm kind of missing it.

The house is still a wreck but as of this morning the plastic bubble has been UNstapled from the walls and while it is without flooring or paint, that corner of my house IS accessible, which is a VAST improvement. It means I have so much more light in my house and that I have the use of my laundry room! I think I've done like 6 loads this afternoon. And yes, I know what you're thinking, lucky timing since last night was a vomit-on-sheets fest. Sigh. In a mere couple of weeks, our brand-new house might actually resemble a ...ahem.... brand new house.

Monday, April 14, 2008

She Rolled Over!

It's probably not that exciting, and perhaps a little late due to all her extra junk in the trunk (you try rolling over when you're legs and bum are composed from top to bottom of a good six or seven squishy rolls) but she rolled over today. I think she did it on accident once when she was super little. But today was the, I-put-her-on-her-tummy-and-walked-away-only-to-turn-around-and-find-her-on-her-back, official roll-over. I think there will be lots to come.

I know it's a little thing, but a little part of me is mourning it. I feel so painfully aware, this time around, of how quickly she's passing through each magical stage. If only we could bottle them all and pull them out when we've got two raging toddlers and are in desperate need of some newborn nuzzles and noises. "Yes, today I'd prefer a little bit of the sweet smelling poopoo and spit-up, (I know I'm weird but when they're little, I like it all) yes, maybe a little spray of some of that bubble blowing discovery (you know where their tongue is out and they learn to spit at you and they're amazed at themselves), or a little peek at that determined shaky face trying to get fist to mouth to suck and drool, maybe even a bottle of the drool. I'd like a little bit of baby-neck scent, some of kissing-the-chubbiest-cheeks-you've ever kissed, and a bottle of that look. The one that Mila just started doing. The one where she stares at me with such intensity and then grins the happiest smile you've ever seen. As if to say she's perfectly and completely and incandescently happy to be my baby girl. And I feel like she's in LOVE with me. Like she doesn't see a single flaw yet. YET. The feeling's mutual."

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A very pre-done glimpse

Please excuse:

-the brown blinds in Sophia's room and the blue dining room and Mila's room (hoping to replace with something white- roman shades are like 7 dollars at Ikea Ross, take a deep breath.)

-The missing drawer-pulls on Sophia's dresser, I thought I had enough. Nope.

-the fact that nothing's hung

-The "stuff". I didn't tidy or I never would have gotten around to taking pictures, everything's in project mode, for good reason I know. I'm not really apologizing-- this just gave me a quick way to blog--- how do I ever catch up anyway?

-The huge plastic barrier that welcomes you into my home, behind which they are testing for bacteria and making sure our little tiny SEWAGE problem is resolved. Carpet, vanity, cabinets, drywall all ripped out. So the random picture of half blue dining room/half green toy room is the only shot I happened to have on my camera of the color in the play room before the little incident--- which is why it's posted.

-The misplaced bench.

-Mila's drool.

-The missing "M" on Mila's wall, we lost the sticky goo in the move. I hate trying to remember to pick up weird things like goo while out. Like I don't have enough to remember. Oh yeah, Ross... still need to cancel the phone at the old house. I'm on it.

-Sophia- overexposed, but doesn't she look beautiful?
And I think I will make the niche a kid niche. Her little ikea table fits perfectly and she loves to paint there. I wish I just had the painters paint it a cute color... one of many projects on the list. And now where oh where to put the computer. We all know that's all too important.
Far too many projects, and every minute online so far has been shopping (not buying, don't worry Ross, just shopping)--- I haven't checked a single blog so I'll understand if I don't deserve any comments... but Missy a GIRL!!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!
Glad to be back.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Beautiful paint, all moved in, tons of boxes still, but enough closet and garage space to hide them... kitchen fully functioning, pantry organized like never before, enough cabinet space for a sippy drawer and a whole baking corner, everything a chocolate-chip-cookie-lover could want. Finally hot showers after one ice-cold one and some really greasy hair (don't worry I bathed the kids at Lizzie's.) Everything is good. Well everything WAS good, (except for the tragedy of no internet or cable until next WEDNESDAY. You can imagine my feelings of isolation. All the things I imagine blogging about but can't. All the lives I want updates on. Blasted Time Warner Cable!) Like I said everything WAS good until.....

Friday night, we're watching Lion King (thanks Kodi) and I walk over to the guest bathroom to... use it, and the door is shut atop a very wet carpet floor. what? I open it up and. Wow. The tub is full of brown water, the floor is covered in brown water, the toilet is dripping with brown water. Oh wait, my feet are getting wet. And yes it stinks. Like a porta potty.

Yes, my week-old home has had a sewage back-up. And it feels like we are living in the engine of an airplane since they have our entire bath/laundry/play/and half of the dining room taped off and drying under huge NOISY blowers. It's awful. They've ripped out the carpet, the drywall a few feet up, and the cabinets. My beautiful new home is torn apart. What on earth?

I'm just feeling grateful that it's not really our problem and the builder is taking care of it. Sigh. That's the latest.

I'm hogging the computer at Lizzie's between conference sessions. Can't wait for Wednesday.