Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Sunday


- Our new church building was finished in January and we now have a 10 minute drive instead of 20. Doesn't sound that different, but it is SO different.
- The new year (and building) brought a new start time of 11am vs the old 1pm. SO much better.
- While Young Men's president is time consuming, Ross has fewer meetings than he had as Exec. Sec., and all in all, it seems we have SO much more time together as a family on Sundays.
- For all the complaining I do about our weather in the summer, I should be raving now. It is dreamy outside. 60's or 70's--- blue, sunny skies, snow capped mountains surrounding us. Really lovely.

So yesterday we soaked it up. We had a nachos-apples-blueberry picnic in the backyard, after which Ross catapulted the girls from under the trampoline for a while (holding Finn as you can see.... I was cleaning up). Then took a neighborhood walk... and finished it up with "watching a movie all together as a family!!" as Sophia begs for ALL the time.

I know there might come a day where they don't think squishing together as closely as possible under a blanket is the best thing in the whole wide world. But I don't plan on that happening any time soon.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


It seems he sprouts a new roll or two each night while he sleeps. I think he's doing it for me. I LOVE my babies chu-bby. I love how his cheeks hang over his swaddle and and his thighs are starting to dimple. And not ONLY because I'm hoping and dreaming that he's sucking that fat right out of me. A mama can dream.

Speaking of fat. My brother in law Joe has lost like 63 pounds of it (ok maybe it doesn't work quite like that? But still) --- 63 pounds over this past year. He blogged about it here. He's the thinnest I've seen him (and that was ten pounds ago at Christmas time.) Lacy's lost a ton too, but I don't know how much. It was after their third baby that they both got so motivated, and really committed to Body For Life. (That's the only "plan" other than common sense that I've ever stuck to and really loved.)

It's giving me this new idea that maybe, JUST maybe... it's not too late to get in the best shape of my life. I keep wondering if I'll have the guts to commit in writing, on my blog, that I'm really going to hit it hard and stop keeping frozen cookie balls on hand in the freezer or eating the chocolate off of yesterday's donut for breakfast. I really do like good, whole foods and I think I cook pretty healthy. But I am ADDICTED to treats, and when I get tired or lazy, I don't even know what I eat. And it's not working.

So, I'm not promising anything yet, but I'm close. Maybe. After we're out of samoas. Or caramel delights... whatever they're called now.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What I'm working on right now:

I had my first post-Finn-shoot last week. I was an idiot... we couldn't make it work on a Saturday, so we shot for a Tuesday morning. The girls were at school... I had 2 and a half hours, and Finn would sleep-- he always sleeps... of course he'd sleep.

I'd be shaking my head if I were you too. She knew I'd have my baby, and she knew I had a timeline, but she probably figured I knew I could get it done in that time.... Since I told her I could. But Finn was awake and she lived farther than I thought and when all was said and done, I was racing out the door with my arms loaded with all of my gear, and baby poop on my shirt, running 20 minutes late for kinder pick up.

I felt, very literally, spread too thin. Like a skimpy layer of honey on a peanut butter sandwich so you're not even sure it's there. Especially when you've got natural peanut butter (doesn't have to do with analogy.) I felt like a bad photographer, and a bad mom. Throwing my hungry newborn in the car who'd just been calmed for the past 2 hours by a sweet stranger to pick up my 5 year old who'd been waiting in the office like a trouble-maker because of her ever-delayed mom.


Lesson learned. I thought I was ready... but perhaps for Saturdays only-- when I've got Ross to take care of EVERYTHING else.

Did I mention he's home? What would I do without him? I think single-moms deserve awards. The kind that are recognized by the president or something.

Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Monday

But there's no school, my mom was here and let me stay in bed 'till 9, (I have no shame, I Loooooove my bed in the morning and would stay there 'till 9 EVERY morning if I could), Kirk brought donuts home, and Ross gets in tonight! Which means I can stop worrying about him getting lost in the snowy Utah mountains on a rogue snowmobile.

It'll be a good Monday.

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's that time of year!

"Wait-- don't take it yet, I've got dust in my eye." This is what happens when he's leaving us for a bit. Can you see the moisture? Sorry to spill the beans Ross. But I got it on camera.

I normally wouldn't announce it in real time, but my parents are here to play with me and the kids this weekend (coincidentally! hooray-) while Ross is on his annual mancation in Utah. Although he just texted me and said they should change the name to wuss-cation... cause they're all getting old.

I told him I'd make official t-shirts.

So, Kirk took the girls to the zoo today while I snuggled Finn, checked off my to-do list, and tried to get over the fact that a bunch of people talked trash about me yesterday because of this whole poster snafu. That is no fun. Geez louise. Thank goodness it's a new day.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Vintage Poster dot com

So, in a hurry to get my walls decorated in Finn's room before we left for San Diego over Christmas, I tried my best at recreating this poster in Photoshop so I could just print it on my printer on card stock and frame it as an 8x10 THAT day. I was in a hurry, and not really thinking about copyright etc... oops.

I think I'll leave it at that since I can't figure out how much to explain without opening another set of flood gates... But the short of it is that I'm feeling really badly for recreating someone else's poster. (And really super stupid for admitting it in my nursery description on ohdeedoh (I sent in Finn's room, why not?.... wait--- this is why not.)) I figured the LEAST I could do is link it properly this time.

I should have just ordered the real deal, especially since they're only $14! So affordable and darling... check them all out--- there's like a billion color options too... I'm in love with all of them.

I guess this is a side effect of this crazy world of blogging your life for the world to see. You get busted. Sorry Sara!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day


So I've been so caught up in all of the MANY things I need to help Sophia learn this year in kinder (that's a post for another day because, can I confess that I am already totally overwhelmed with the words she should be able to read etc..ahh!) anyway... been so caught up in her, that sometimes I forget that I should be working with Mila on her letters and sounds too. I forget what she's capable of. So her preschool teacher had told me one day that she wrote her name at preschool. Which made me realize... uhhh--- maybe I should be working on that eh? Her own name? Never seen her do that... What kind of mom am I?

So I've made a little more effort here and there, but all I'd seen her do was her "two mountains" or her M. Then all of a sudden, the other day, while we were working on it together, she banged out her whole name, and now she hasn't stopped!

I know it seems really small--- but I had NO idea she could write the other three letters, so to see her write it so perfectly over and over and OVER again---- well needless to say, we've got new artwork covering our fridge.

Thank you Teacher Robyn!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finn at 6 weeks

Sweet Baby Finn,

Your neck is getting strong. You're a good burper. Everyone is saying you look like Mila and some still say your hair's red. Your baby bumps (acne's such a harsh word isn't it?) are fading a bit and I finally realized you should be in your 3 month clothes as you were busting at the seams in your 0-3. Whoops.

Still waking up the once to eat at night, but that hungry-cry seems to be getting more and more piercing. Maybe you're ready for your own room. :) ? It feels like you're ALMOST smiling--- and I can't wait for that proof that this place isn't seeming so bad to you so far. Pretty sure you're a happy guy though. You eat, you lay and grunt and burp and spit up for a while, and then we swaddle you up and you sleep. You repeat this cycle all day long--- and it suits you. I wouldn't mind napping and eating all day either. Maybe you'll take after me.

much love-

Friday, February 11, 2011


Dear Sophia,

You have been in kindergarten for 100 days now. I just got to have my first parent-teacher conference with Mrs. K. last week, and do you know what she said? She raved. Like I knew she would. She raved about how you are just the sweetest little girl, and how you show kindness to everyone around you. She raved about your retelling of the Gingerbread man to the class and said she wouldn't be surprised if you were on stage some day with all that drama. She said you listen SO intently and that your work ethic is remarkable. She couldn't help but grin every time she relayed a story about you... and when Mrs. C, the other teacher, walked into our meeting and saw your file, her whole face lit up and her head tilted and shoulders dropped like she just wanted to give you a big hug right then, even though you weren't there, "OH---- Sophiiiiii-aaaa. We just LOVE Sophia... I thought you might be the mother of that beautiful little girl."

It's good to see that it's not just me who gets to have their day LIT up by you. Your are such a delight for everyone around you. I could not have felt more proud.

I love to come pick you up from school, because I get to see a new cute kid sitting by you every once in a while (it's happened at least a handful of times) who says

"Hey-- Hey Sophia's mommy, I'm Sophia's best friend!" ----
"oh Sophia what's your new friends name?"
"um-- I don't know." (then they remind you and you excitedly say goodbye... then make the walk out of the lunch area waving and making silly jokes to all the kids as you pass.)

If I were five, I'd want to be your best friend to.

Your preschool teacher told me at the end of last year--- that you were the girl who would be friends with ALL types of kids-- that you never discriminated, and that you made everyone around you feel good. You might eventually need to remember their names... but I think you make all of us around you feel special.

I told you the other day that the kids at school sure seemed to like you, and you told me wisely "that's because I always say nice things to them because I don't ever want anyone to feel sad."

If only everyone realized how easy it really is to be loved. And how good it feels to uplift. Grown ups have it so backwards sometimes.

The other night, you and Mila were playing and I suddenly heard your terrified voice yelling, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to-- I'm sorry, Mila, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!! I didn't mean to!!!!!!!!!" I race over to intervene, imagining Mila about to retaliate viciously for some small mistake on your part. I'm picturing her hurling herself through the air at you with fists formed, when she reaches my bedroom calmly, "Mom, Sophia took a toy RIGHT out of my hand." She says is it with so much satisfaction, while you are still screaming from your room in a panic "I didn't mean to!!!!"

And this is when I realize that all of your anxiety was about Mila coming to tell me that you'd swiped a toy. You DON'T swipe toys. You are SO good to your sister and you certainly get toys swiped out of YOUR hands. I can picture the whole thing, that you grabbed something rashly, probably threw it right back at her realizing you'd made a mistake. But it was too late, Mila actually HAD something on you. :) And she marched off to tell me with a puffed out chest full of confidence.

I explained to Mila that clearly you were sorry (since the whole neighborhood had heard your apology) and gave the toy back, so there's no problem. And assured you that I wasn't mad--- that everyone makes mistakes-- it's just important that we fix them, and you already had. No biggie... moving on... Your whole demeanor relaxed when you realized I wasn't the least bit upset. You gave me a huge hug and told me I was the best mom you EVER had. You tell me that a lot.

You do NOT like to do the wrong thing. You are your father's daughter, and it makes me so grateful for the things he teaches you girls without realizing it.

Yesterday, we were working on your sight words for school, and you took a potty-break. You were putting off coming back to continue, and finally you came in and told me, "mom, you know why I don't what to do my sight words?"


"Because I don't want to go to first grade and have to go back into class after I eat my lunch. I just want to see you every day after I eat my lunch and come HOME with you."

Uh oh-- I sure don't want you holding yourself back because I scared you about first grade--- but I must admit, (shhh) I'm right there with you. I wonder if I'd have sent you to kinder if it occurred to me that the long, REAL school days in 1st grade would sneak up so quickly after. I'm not sure yet, if we can bare losing you for that many hours a day. My heart beats a little faster just thinking of it right now.

We'll cross that bridge later.

You make motherhood sweeter than I even dreamed.


Saturday, February 05, 2011

Me and him..The little him, that is.

THANK YOU Lizzie... for snapping some of me and my babe. It's so hard to get on this side of the camera... for lots of reasons. I never have any I like of me right after having a baby.. which means there's none I really like of me AND my new baby. Thank you Lizzie for working your magic!

Sad---I just linked to Lizzie's blog and she decided it was time for her to break from blogging. But Lizzie! Why did you have to erase all of the beautiful memories for the rest of us to scroll back through?! Well trust me--- she's good with her camera.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Some pictures from Thanksgiving. 2010. Why not?

I'm working on my blurb book. (Which I think is as fun as having to call Dell back when my lap top would break and talk to somebody in India while they made sure in many many minutes that I knew how to plug a chord into an outlet.)

Super duper fun--- in other words. If that comparison was too hard to follow.

Anyway--- desperately trying to get our memories and family events down in print has made me realize that my blog has evolved a bit. And I seem to be forgetting... or skipping more of our normal family things. So I decided that although I'm seriously late, I'm still squeezing in Thanksgiving. You wouldn't know it was Thanksgiving. No yummy-food pics or anything... luckily darling cousin-pics are more important in the long run.

These four were so cute together. Sophia is such a little leader and somehow became the toy everyone was fighting over.... (lots of tears out of whoever couldn't sit by Sophia... she only has two sides, three people... reoccurring problem.)

My sister in law, Brooke, had her third baby boy exactly two months before me, so I snapped a few of him and his big brothers....
Crazy baby eyes. I love 'em.

And while I'm catching up... on Biesinger family time... here's the one measly time I pulled out my camera while Nana and Grandpa B were here to meet Finn and keep my house running while I figured out life with three kids. What would we do without grandparents?

Pretty sneaky how you weasled out of that second one, Nana. :)

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Finn at One Month

We took him to the doctor yesterday for his one month appointment. He was 13 pounds and 22 inches long. That puts him in the 96th percentile for weight and the 58th percentile for height.

That made us laugh. A little short and chubby for now. I'm sure it's a phase. :) Like mine.

I've officially plateaued. I can't believe I'm recording this, but I always appreciate the specifics in my old posts for comparing pregnancies. And if I don't write something here, it's lost forever. I gained a whopping 50 this time. Maybe like 46 officially, but pretty much 50 since I probably put on 4 or 5 as I "prepared myself mentally to GET pregnant".

SO--- I lost 25 in those first couple of weeks. And now I've gotten on the scale a few times in the last 2 weeks at the gym, and each time... it's the same. It's official. I'm on the very flat top of the highest mountain. I think it's time to switch to skinny cows. :(

Back to Finn.... hmmm.... at one month:

-He's still sleeping in the bassinet in our room. I think the girls were out by now, don't know why we're not as anxious. Maybe because our room is bigger in this house? It just seems so much easier to nurse him in my own bed at night.

-He sleeps pretty good, I wake him up and feed him at like 10 or 10:30 before I go to bed, then he wakes up once around 4am to eat. The girls come in a little after 6 which is the worst part for me.. I think I hate the morning FAR more than the middle of the night.... at least at night, you still have hopes for more of that delicious sleep. But at least he keeps sleeping 'till 8 or so. And the girls are pretty self-sufficient with netflix on our iphones. :)

- Just like my girls, during the day, he eats about every 4 hours. I've never really had to feel that totally overwhelmed-- nursing-all-day-long feeling. He's done in about ten minutes, and clearly (if you saw his thighs you'd know) it's doing it's job.

- He's sweet and easy through the day. But he is getting a little needier in those FEW hours a day when he's not sleeping or nursing. And I feel this confused mushy brain in my head think--- what do I do with you if your not sleeping or eating? Just HOLD you? I want nothing more.... but that means my arms can't do anything else--- not really realistic right now. Hmm.... luckily those stretches are rare. Maybe it's time I learn about those wild new baby slings everyones wrapping from their head to toe.

- Taking him places is still a piece of cake. He just stays cozy and sleepy in his car seat the whole time. We did church for the first time last week and he would have stayed snuggled in there the whole time, but I didn't want his schedule too off, (and we have a brand new building with a clean and peaceful nursing lounge and I had a dark-chocolate strawberry zone bar in my purse :)) SO......... we snuck off and we both ate.

- He's got horrible baby acne right now. Poor guy.

- Everyone seems to think he looks like Mila. Some say Sophia. People rarely say Ross which they ALWAYS said with the girls. (Figures, now that we have a boy.) I hear ME a little bit. I'll have to do a comparison post some time soon.

- This doesn't really fit in the bullets, but it's funny. Sophia the other day told me "maybe you have ba-sheens in there" what? "ba-sheens in those... (pointing at... well you know) that make the milk." ---- oh-- machines. maybe.

- We are all still obsessed. I half-way feared it would wear off with the girls... but it certainly hasn't. They are SO excited to see him every time they come home from school-- and so anxious to help. They ADORE him and it is so darling and genuine.

- I still wish I could spend the whole day with my nose tucked in that place between his jaw and his collar bone.